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Jul 5, 2020
Welcome to the Forum and Railroads and Steam Locomotives. Not sure why this request is sitting dead in the water. We have a Forum for Ancestry here at Researching Your Civil War Ancestry | American Civil War Forums (civilwartalk.com). The link provided should allow some conversation. Everyone must have been running down rabbit holes. Sorry for the delay. (Elmer Fudd).
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First off, I would toss out the England death data. I have a whole group in my family from that same "Global, FindaGrave Index" that are mistakenly placed in England when I KNOW they were in Texas. It's some glitch that's giving bad results.

Is Edgar Caswell Ellinton kin to you? He seems to be living in the same area as another Ellington family that who I think is your gr-gr-grandfather's. In the 1850 Census Calvin Ellington, born circa 1830, lives in Randolph County, Georgia. Interestingly he seems to have been counted twice - once in the household of James Ellington (his father if the FindaGrave listing you shared in your other thread is correct) and the second time in the household of M. Ellington where his occupation is listed as "overseer." That these two men live nearby gives a lot of confusing records returns but it looks like they could be sorted with some patience.

As to Civil War records, I can't find anything linked to a soldier with the first initial E or a Calvin or anyone in Georgia named Ellington who seems to fit your guy. I found an amnesty application from Edgar C. Ellington from Quitman County, Georgia which claims he had been a staunch Union man earlier in life and "took no active part in the war, not having for a single hour born arms in any capacity against the government of the United States." If this is Edgar Caswell Ellington he must have thought of any "home guard" duties he had after being put on the muster roll in Quitman County in 1862 as being purely defensive and not an act of war! Or he did so little that it didn't seem to count. Maybe he went out unarmed, which I suppose was possible, though foolish.

As to the Calvin Ellington living in Randolph County in 1850, I can find no further record. That he doesn't have a CSA record doesn't mean he didn't fight. The name could be terrible mangled in the records. He could have served in a home guard unit that didn't get formally enrolled into the Confederate Army. He could have gone off to enlist and gotten sick or killed before getting into a record.
Great work, as usual, Detective. Totally agree with the Warwickshire business. Another Ancestry glitch is Puerto Rico, which usually is a South Carolinian.
Will see what I can help with.
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Have you tried this site?


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This is a bit bumpy to follow!

I think we can all agree that the older Edgar Caswell Ellington is a separate man - possibly related. The younger Edgar Calvin Ellington seems to disappear after 1850 records. But - we could be missing something. What's the next step in cases like this? I find a few things work:

Are there military records from the local area that didn't make it into popular sources? Many communities in the South had "home guard" or "partisan" units that kept records but weren't part of the regular army. These might shed light on E. Calvin's service.

Are there newspaper articles that can provide info? For instance, obituaries of E. Calvin's siblings might list a brother or nieces and nephews that could point back to the missing man.

Are there DNA relatives that don't fit in, assuming someone in the family has done DNA. If E. Calvin relocated and didn't keep in touch this would be the best way of finding him.

Nothing in the usual sources has worked so I think going sideways is the next step. It takes longer and is harder to do but it doesn't mean you won't find something.


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I do not believe this is Edgard. If you notice on the record above this record is noted as refiled under B. C. Ellington. B. C. served in Company I of the 10th Georgia. That company was formed in Campbell and Fayette counties and sent to Virginia early in the war. Records in this file show that B. C Ellington died of disease in a hospital in Williamsburg, VA November 2, 1861. The last record in the set for B. C. shows a claim made for his pay given out to David W. Ellington. David W. Ellington had a brother named Bowling Cox Ellington - online family trees link the CSA record you have above with that man and I think it's a pretty strong case.

This does point out, though, a possible way to look for someone when you don't have an easy record. We have Census records for a Calvin Ellington in 1850 in Randolph County. What units were formed there? Could he be in their records with a badly spelled name?


Sep 14, 2020
Check out the red!

The Ellington Family Of Newton County Georgia!
By George Ellington May 13, 2014 at 12:25:23
The Ellington Family of Newton County Georgia! This family came from North Carolina to Newton County Around the middle of the 19th century. The earliest known is James Ellington on the 1830 census of Newton County. Ga. A Samuel Ellington is found on a deed for 1838 in Newton County and an early marriage is recorded in 1839 for an Archibald Ellington. It is believed that these early Ellington’s may be Brothers or other relatives of our James and Joel!

The Ellington Family-Page one

It is a Known fact that the Ellington Family came from Northumberland England but where did they go when they got to the unity of a new country? It is known that they settled in Virginia and migrated further south to North Carolina to the counties of Warren, Johnson, Granville and Rockingham during the 1700’s because this is where the large Ellington family as we know it today originates.

Two brothers James 1791-1856 and Joel 1792-1858 moved to Georgia in the early 1800’s these brothers both married and raised fairly large families in Newton County Georgia.

Besides James and Joel there were also two sisters Nancy 1804-1883 and Elizabeth 1799-1890, Nancy married Turner Young 1804-1880 on August 7th 1825
Elizabeth married Hardy Watford 1797-? On December 3-1818.Joel married a woman named Elizabeth Hocut on November 26th 1816 Joel and Elizabeth had 7 children, James married a woman names Martha Wiggins around 1815 this marriage produced 8 children.

The Ellington family has a very impressive civil war record, Please note that all but one of the Confederate soldiers listed below died in battle or disease before the war ended!

1.Edgard Calvin Ellington October 29th 1829-September 4th 1862 Killed in Battle.
2.Jamison Ellington March26th 1825– January 7th 1861 killed in Martinsville Mississippi while serving under Captain Jack Loyal.
3.James Ellington II March 12th 1820-September 28th 1864 died of Typhoid while on furlough.
4.Stephen Benjamin Ellington 1838-May 3rd 1863 Killed at the battle of Chancellorsville.
5.Sidney Ross Ellington February 8th 1847 – December 13th 1916 Lived to father 20 children in the Gum Creek District of Oxford Georgia!

I would like to thank the late Charles G, Ellington for all of the research and excellent memory that contributed to this family history It is his research that this family record comes from I only updated the information. There are many others who helped me along the way! Otis Ellington Charles Hudson, Lavelle McCuller and Gertrude English, Virgie Barronton, Pauline Sharpton and Walter (Top) Ellington to name a few! And to Eleanor McCallum thank you for doing the research on your end you made my job so much easier,

We do want to keep this Ellington family tree up to date so if anyone finds a mistake or wants to make an addition please let me know!

The Ellington Family-Page Two

The Children of James (5-16-1791-1-1-1856) & Martha Wiggins Ellington (8-21-1798-3-8-1852.
James and Martha married in 1815 in North Carolina

1) Joel II Born Feb 4th 1816 In North Carolina (1)
Died Feb 20th 1892 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery, Newton County.
Joel II named for his father’s brother was a Mason, a farmer in the Gum Creek Community; His home now in ruins from a fire in 2008 stood at the corner of Duncan and Johnson roads, He married his first cousin (5) Sarah Winifred Brownie Ellington Sept 12th 1820-Nov 3rd 1902 (Daughter of Joel I) and is the Great Great Grandfather of George S. Ellington the one who is doing this updated family tree!

2) William Archibald Born Nov 16th 1817 In North Carolina (1)
Died July 10th 1900 Buried Oak Bowery Cemetery near Opelika Alabama.
William Archibald married Mary Faucett Oct 31st 1816-Dec 18th1867,Newton County Ga on Oct 16th 1839(6) and move his family from a farm near Social Circle Ga to Randolph County Alabama (c1851)(2) He is the Great Grandfather of Mattie Belle (Thompson) Smith the leading genealogist on the Ellington family in the United States; Her mother was Lillie Belle Ellington daughter of George Washington Ellington (William Archibald’s 2nd Oldest son) William Archibald is also the Great Great Grandfather of Fob James the 55th Governor of Alabama whose mother was Rebecca Ellington daughter of Calvin Sidney Ellington Grand daughter of George Washington Ellington ( 2nd son of William Archibald)(2)

Note William Archibald Ellington ‘s 7th son was Marion Lafayette Ellington Sept 18th 1854-October 30th 1930 he married Cornelia Emmaline Arnett Feb 9 1854-1929

3) Jessie Born May 5th 1820 In North Carolina (1)
Died Nov 15th1887 Buried Myrtlewood Cemetery Lowndes County Alabama.
Jessie Married Dorinda M.J Snow and was the father of J.S.C Ellington who did extensive research on his family history and entered numerous genealogical notes and queries in the
William & Mary Quarterly and Tyler’s Magazine in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.

The Ellington Family-Page Three

4) Susan, Born Oct 19th 1822 In North Carolina (1)
Died 1850 Buried near Pontotoc Mississippi
Susan Ellington married Cyrus Ivy on Oct 27th 1839 in Walton County Ga (2) and moved to Pontotoc Mississippi where she died in 1850. With Cyrus she had four children James Sanford, Jess, John and Tobe, Cyrus remarried in January of 1857 to Alice White and relocated to Angelina County Texas. James Sanford Ivy oldest son of Susan (Ellington) and Cyrus Ivy married Lydia Ann Stripling Dec 14th 1865 and settled in Freestone County Texas where his descendants still reside. (8)

5) Jamerson, Born Mar 26th 1825 In Walton County Ga (1)
Died Oct 4th 1860 Buried Ellington-Redus Cemetery Copiah County Mississippi.
Jamerson married Mary Lucinda Redus Dec 22nd 1852 and lived in Copiah County Mississippi. He died during the Civil War serving under a Captain Jack Loyal
One of his two sons Robert Jamerson Ellington was born the day after his death Oct 5th 1860, “R.J” Ellington was raised in the town of Martinsville Mississippi and married Minnie A. Henson; He moved to Mexia Texas and was involved in real estate and was a notary public for Limestone county Texas. (10) One of his daughters (He had no sons) Mary Henson Ellington Married Raleigh DeLong Sr. She was eighty-five years old in 1977 living in Mexia. (9)

6) Caswell, Born Jan 12th 1827 In Walton County Ga (1)
Died Sept 28th 1908 Buried Cook Family Cemetery (Near Cornish Mountain)
Caswell married Eliza Jane Vaughan Jan 16th 1850 The 1850 census for Walton County Georgia 88th Division showed Caswell living in the household of his older brother William Archibald (Born 1817) and when his family migrated to Alabama Caswell moved also, The 1880 Census of Butler County Alabama shows Caswell now 52 years old living with his wife and four sons all born in Alabama. Some years later Caswell relocated back to Georgia and at least three sons came to Georgia with him. His youngest son Albert Sidney (Born 1871) was the father of Vester Caswell Ellington Sr
A prominent Newton County citizen V.C. Ellington was a founder of Snapping Shoals REA (11)

7) Edgard, (Edward) Calvin Born Oct 29th 1829 In Walton County Ga (1)
Died Sept 4th 1862
Unfortunately there are no accurate records or family information available on Edgard (Edward) Calvin Ellington Some records say he married Elizabeth Jane Vaughn Certain unsubstantiated family data say he never married and died on Sept 4th 1862 in battle during the Civil War.

8) Martha Ann, Born Dec 5th 1833 In Walton County Ga (1)
Died August 5, 1906 In Saint Louis MO.(21)
Again little substantiated information exists about Martha Ann’s life! We do know that she married Jesse Devon Griffin (Aug 25th 1819-Sept 6th1891) on May 12th 1850 She moved west and lived in Saint Louis Mo. where she raised 5 children Emily, Mary, Jessie, Mattie, Maude She and Jesse are buried in Hollandale Cemetery in Hollandale Miss

The Ellington Family-Page Four

The Children of Joel I (1792-Mar 1-1858) & Elizabeth (Hocut) Ellington( 1796-1890
Joel and Elizabeth were married in 1816 in Wake County North Carolina.

1) James II Born Sept 12th 1820 In North Carolina
Died Sept 28th 1864 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery Newton County,
James II Named after his father’s older brother farmed land located along the Walnut Grove Road between Macedonia and Ellington roads in north Newton County. James followed a younger brother Stephen Benjamin and became a soldier during the Civil War; He died of typhoid fever while home on Furlough. James married Mary Johnson (b. 1821) on May 17th 1849 (15)

2) Sarah W.B Born July 7th 1825 In North Carolina
Died Nov 3rd 1902 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery Newton County

Sarah Winifred Brownie Ellington married her first cousin Joel (II) Ellington on
Dec 11th 1842 (5) They raised twelve children in the Gum Creek district of Newton County Georgia.

3) Sidney Ross Born 1832 In North Carolina
Died 1867 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery Newton County
Sidney was the first of three male progeny to be thus named, He married
Mary Jane Elizabeth Stewart on Apr 13th 1854 (16) they raised five children on a farm located at Macedonia and Byrd roads in Newton County, (3) His Oldest son
George Thomas moved to Alabama and his Third son John Robin (Robert) Moved in 1911 to Rockdale County Ga (3)

4) Edith “Edy” Born In North Carolina (No Records)
Died Unknown date or place of death
Very Little information exist about Edith (Edy) Ellington. She Married William L. Hitchcock Jan 23rd 1850 (17) Edith is mentioned in her father’s will where he asked that his son Stephen Benjamin at the death of (bro) James Ellington act as a trustee for my daughter Edith Hitchcock. (18)

5) Nancy Born (c.1835) In Newton County Georgia (14)
Died Unknown date or place of death
Little family of public information can be found about Nancy. She is mentioned in her fathers will: “One share I give to my daughter Nancy Smith wife of John Smith” (18)

6) Stephen Benjamin
Born 1838 In Newton County Georgia (14)
Died May 3rd 1863 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery Newton County.
“Ben” Joined the Confederate army in 1867 and according to family documents he was killed at the battle of Chancellorsville Va May 3rd 1863 (19)

7) Elizabeth Born (c1843) in Newton County Georgia (14)
Died Unknown date or place of death
Like here two sisters little or no information is available about Elizabeth’s life! She is mentioned in her fathers will but there is no indication that she was married, (She was only 16 years old) (18)

The Ellington Family-Page Five

The Children Of Joel II (1816) & Sarah W.B (Ellington) Ellington

1) Albert Harvey Born Oct 26th 1843 Newton County Georgia
Died Dec 22nd 1919 Buried Riverside Cemetery Jackson Tennessee
Married Nannie P Easley 1847-1891 (1867) Married Lola Neely (1892)

2) Rebecca E. Born 1845
Died Unknown date or place of death
Married George W.N Smith Jul 31st 1866

3) Sidney Ross Born Feb 8th 1847 Newton County Georgia
Died Dec 13th 1916 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married 1st Verlyn Curtis Barber, Married 2nd Emma F. Stark (My Great Grandmother), Married 3rd Margaret M. Watson

4) William Archibald Born Jan 20th 1849 Newton County Georgia
Died Mar 11th 1918 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery,
Married Annie Byrd.

5) Louisa Francis Born Sept 15th 1850 Newton County Georgia
Died June 3rd 1853 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery

6) James Anderson Mar 28th 1852 Newton County Georgia
Feb 22nd 1928 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery

7) Sarah ”Sallie” Born May 4th 1854 Newton County Georgia
Died Nov 3rd 1934 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married Edgar Caswell Ellington (Her 1st Cousin)

8)Joseph B Born 1857 Newton County Georgia
Died Unknown date or place of death

9) Nancy M.A. Born Feb 19th 1859 Newton County Georgia
Died May 23rd 1941 Buried Southview Cemetery

10) Jefferson Davis Born Jan 12th 1861 Newton County Georgia
“Dave’ Sept 22nd 1930 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
(Was a merchant in Covington Ga)

11) Stephen Benjamin Born March 16th 1863 in Newton County Georgia
Died Nov 22nd 1900 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married Ellen J. Denard Sept 10th 1885

12) Robert Lee Born Aug 9th 1866 In Newton County Georgia
Died May 25th 1930 Buried near Rome Georgia.
Married Sallie M. Middlebrooks Apr 12th 1908

The Ellington Family-Page Six

Children Of Sidney Ross (1847) And Verlyn Curtis Barber.

1) Blanche Born 1872 in Newton County
Died 1872 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
2) Maude Vicora Born May 20th 1873 In Newton County
Died Sept 21st 1942 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married Robert Moon Apr 17th 1901

3) Minnie Gertrude Born July 16th 1875 In Newton County
Died April 12th 1943 Buried Evergreen Cemetery Fitzgerald Georgia
Married Dorah Dell Mitcham Feb 18th 1894

4) James Edgar Born Nov 13th 1877 In Newton County
(Jim) Died Jul 14th 1959 Buried Bay Creek Cemetery
Loganville Georgia
Married Cora Emerson

5) Ethel Mary Born Jul 30th 1880 In Newton County
Died Mar 29th 1954 Buried Gum Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Oxford Georgia
Married James Byrd (Dan Byrd’s Brother)

6) Aula Estelle Born Aug 21st 1883 In Newton County
Died Mar 4th 1909 Buried Byrd Cemetery
Oxford Ga
Married Dan Byrd May 12th 1901 James Byrd’s brother)

7) Joel Thomas Born Oct 16th 1885 In Newton County
Died Aug 28th 1979 Buried Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery
Oxford Ga
Married Lorene Cook

The Ellington Family-Page Seven

Children Of Sidney Ross (1847) And Emma F. Stark

1) Annie Eva Born Mar 25th 1887.In Newton County
Died Apr 8th 1903 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery

2) Sidney Ross Born Nov 30th 1888 In Newton County
Died Nov 28th 1961 Buried Lovejoy Methodist Church Cemetery
Married Doris Wilson

3) Robert Starkie Born Nov 1st 1890 In Newton County
Died Apr 3rd 1962 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married Ockie Ruth Moon

4) Mattie Kathleen Born Nov 1892 In Newton County
Died Aug 4th 1923 Buried in Eastview Cemetery Conyers Ga
5) John Died Stillborn Birth date unknown

6) William Died Stillborn Birth date unknown

7) Grover Cleveland Born Nov 1st 1894 In Newton County
Died Jan 17th 1949 Buried Ellington Family Cemetery
Married Julia Ree Thompson Dec 4th 1913 These are my Grandparents!

The Ellington Family-Page Eight

Children Of Sidney Ross (1847) And Margaret M. Watson

1) Albert Harvey Born Dec 21st 1904 In Newton County Ga
“Prince” Died May 16th 1956 originally buried at Westveiw body has been moved to the Ellington Family Cemetery in Oxford Ga.
Married Jesse Brown Sept 17th 1932

2) Lavinna Born Jul 17th 1906 In Newton County Ga
Died At Birth, Buried Ellington Family Cemetery

3) Archie Daniel Born Sept 15th 1907 In Newton County Ga
Died Aug 25th 1965 Buried Lawn wood Memorial Park Covington Ga
Married Effie Bartlett Nov 17th 1930

4) Hoke Smith Born Oct 4th1909 In Newton County Georgia
Died Aug 21st 1983 Buried Lawnwood Memorial Park Covington Ga
Married Geraldine F. Hood Jul 5th 1935

5) Woodrow Wilson Born Nov 29th 1911 In Newton County Ga
Died Dec 21st 1950, Buried Ellington Family Cemetery

6) Ida Mae Born July 25th 1913 In Newton County Ga
Died Jan 31st 1986 In Palm Beach Fl

Married Edgar Keller

The Ellington Family-Page Nine

Source Notes

1)Family records and research Notes of J.S.C.Ellington published in the William & Mary Quarterly Vol 12, 1932
2)Notes and materials from the extensive Genealogical research papers compiled by Mrs. Mattie Belle Smith Of Columbus Ga (Great Great Granddaughter of James Ellington I)
3)Information from family records and research papers in the possession of the late Charles G. Ellington, Conyers Ga with data developed from numerous conversations with (1) James Luther Ellington (b.1897) and (2) Jesse Harold Ellington (b1908)
4)Newton County Ga Superior Court – Deeds & Mortgages Books B, C, D, E
5)Marriages of Newton County 1843-1848 Book c Joel and Sarah Winifred Brownie Ellington Married on Dec 11th 1842 by James Smith Licensed Dec 9th 1842.
6)Marriages of Newton County Georgia 1835-1843 Book B.
7)Information from family records of Dr J.S.C Ellington II, Montgomery, Alabama (Given to Mattie Belle Smith)
8)Information from family Records of Susan (Ellington) Ivy, In Possession of Barbara Fryer Price, Fairfield, Texas great –great-great granddaughter of Susan Ellington)
9)Information from: letters in possession of Mattie Belle Smith, Columbus Ga sent to her 1977-1978 by Mrs. Raleigh Delong Sr Mexia, Texas (granddaughter of Jamerson Ellington)
10)Information from a letter dated Apr 19th 1909 sent from R.J Ellington, Mexia Texas to his cousin Cal S. Ellington Gold hill Alabama (Letter in the possession of Mattie Belle Smith)
11)Obituary Of Vester C. Ellington, Sr. Printed in the Covington (Ga) News, June 1967.
12)From notes taken during conversations with Jess Harold Ellington, Oxford Ga (As he recalled information given to him by his father Albert S.J.Ellington
13)From information contained in (1) a letter from Mrs. Raleigh Delong Sr (age 85: granddaughter of Jamerson Ellington to Mattie Belle Smith “All That I know about Martha Ann is that she married a Mr. Griffin –and- (2) a letter dated Apr 12th 1983 from Mrs. Mary E Keller, Orangeburg S.C (Age 87 great granddaughter of William Archibald) To Charles G. Ellington I also Remember my Aunt Ludie Ellington went to the St Louis Exposition and Great Pa Archibald had a sister living with here daughter in St Louis I believe I’m right and that her name was Martha Ann.”
14)US Census Newton Co., Ga Subdivision 65, 98th visitation enumered, Aug 10th 1850
15)Marriages of Newton County Ga 1849
16)Marriages of Newton County Ga 1850=1859
17)Marriages of Newton Co Ga 1849-
18)Last Will and Testament of Joel Ellington Dated April 30th 1859 Will Book #2 Georgia Newton County
19)Information from letters and records in the possession of Foy M. Ellington Oxford Ga (Whose great Uncle was Stephen Benjamin Ellington
20)Information on children of Joel Ellington (II) and his wife (and first cousin) Sarah W.B Ellington and the children of their second son Sidney Ross Ellington (b1847) from his three marriages –developed from family Bible, records, Family data, US census records: 1860,1870,1880 and 1900 and numerous family discussions over a period from 1965-1984
21)After Martha and Jessie married in 1850 they showed up on the 1850 Randolph Co., GA census. From there they went to Copiah Co., MS and in 1860 they had 3 children: C.E. (Calvin E.), S.E. (Emma) and W.C. (an unknown male child that did not live to the next census). In 1870 still in Copiah Co., Jessie is 57, Martha is 37, Calvin E. is 17 and a clerk in a store. Emma is 15, Mary (nicknamed Mollie) is 10, Jessie Edgar (nicknamed Eddie) is 5, Garnet is 3 and Mattie is 1. Also on the census is Amanda, 30 and Jane 12. By 1880 and on the Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., MS census, J.D. is 60, Martha 46, Emma 27 (teacher), Mary B. 18 (teacher), Jessie Edgar, 15, Garnet A. 13, Mattie W. 10, and Maude 8.
In 1900 Martha is in St. Louis with her daughter who married a W.P. Shelton. She died August 5, 1906 in St. Louis Mo..
Emma married a Goodwin.
Eddie married Rachel Ferris in Hollandale, which might be why Jesse and Martha was buried there.
Garnet married Eve ? and moved to Little Rock, AR.


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Many thanks! We were in the eye wall. Still no power, limited cell, gas almost nonexistent. Every large tree in my back yard is uprooted. At least they did not hit my house or my neighbors....thanks for asking :+))