Links to 4 Episodes of Ghost Adventures investigating Vicksburg including Champion Hill, 2 Hospitals etc, in 2017 to enjoy for Halloween!

Belle Montgomery

2nd Lieutenant
Oct 25, 2017
Happy Halloween all! CWT just got back from invading Vicksburg but I thought I would share this 4 part 2017 episodes of Ghost Adventures when they investigated it titled Hauntings of Vicksburg.
Whether you believe in ghosts or even don't like this show maybe you can pop some popcorn and enjoy them just for today 👻

Ghost Adventures investigate Vicksburg 4 episodes:

Champion Hill Battlefield:

Use this link if you don't like the sound above:
Next 3 episodes have perfect sound:

McCraven Mansion-used as a field hospital:

circa 1832 Coon Hospital/Civil War Hospital:

Building hit by cannon ball: