Lincoln nominates Grant for lieutenant general

Lazy Bayou

1st Lieutenant
Apr 17, 2011
On this day in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln nominates Ulysses S. Grant for the newly revived rank of lieutenant general. At the time, George Washington was the only other man to have held that rank. Winfield Scott also attained the title but by brevet only; he did not actually command with it.
The promotion carried Grant to the supreme command of Union forces and capped one of the most remarkable success stories of the war. Born in Ohio in 1822, Grant attended West Point and graduated in 1843. He served in the Mexican War in 1847 to 1848 and on the American frontier in the 1850s. During this time, Grant acquired experience in logistics and the supply of troops, developing skills that later made him a success during the Civil War


Lt. Colonel
Feb 23, 2010
It was the job(but not the rank) that Halleck was supposed to fill when Lincoln brought him East. But, it soon developed that Lincoln had brought the wrong man East.
Lincoln learned from his mistake, and when Lincoln brought him to Washington, Grant was clothed the rank and full authority to command all the Union armies, under the command his Commander In Chief, of course.