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In my investigations into Laura Keene for her Biography, I also stumbled into a few interesting stories about Lincoln's Assassination, and I thought I should share these two in particular with you. Both are published more than a decade after the event, and still much mystery surrounds exactly what happened and why. These articles are published in an effort to help answer the remaining questions on the public's mind....



Above: Interviews with Witnesses at Ford's Theater when Lincoln was Assassinated
Including comments from:
John P. Smith, a Theatrical Agent
James Peakes, the Singer
W.P. Ferguson, an Actor in Keene's ensemble for Our American Cousin
Alexander R. Cazauron, a Theater Critic

and John Thompson, the stenographer

Sidebar: Extracts from John Wilkes Booth's Diary after the Assassination
Printed in The True Northerner, January 26, 1877, Image 6, LOC Collection



Letter to the Editor by William G. Morris, Investigating By-standard at Ford's Theater
in the Aftermath of Lincoln's Assassination

Printed In: Mower County Transcript of Lansing, Michigan, August 08, 1878, Image 4, LOC Collection
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