Lilburn Depew Fought On Both Sides

Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee

Lilburn is the young man seated on the right, holding the .50 caliber Smith breech-loading carbine. He was from Sullivan County, east Tennessee. He enrolled in what would become Company B 19th Tenn Confederate Infantry, at the ripe old age of age 16, at Knoxville, Tn. in May, 1861 before Tenn had even left the Union. He was discharged a year later, (for being under age) after the passing of the first Confederate conscription (draft law) and the Army's reorganization He returned to East Tennessee and joined the Union Army's 8th Tn Cavalry Co. I, in September, 1863, following the capture of Knoxville by Burnside. The young man would not let a Civil War go to waste ! He "aimed to fight somebody ! " The soldier with the saber is: David Hays 21 years old. Enlisted on 4/18/1864 as a Private. On 4/27/1864 he mustered into "I" Co. TN 8th Cavalry. Standing is : Andrew J. Campbell 20 years old. Enlisted on 9/25/1863 as a Private. On 11/14/1863 he mustered into "I" Co. TN 8th Cavalry He was Mustered Out on 9/11/1865 at Knoxville, TN

Lilburn was married to Sarah Hashbarger. Sara's mother was a sister to my maternal 2 x great-grandfather. Sarah's brother, John was a Confederate in Co.K 19th Tennessee and died in Chattanooga, in March, 1863, following Battle of Stones River. Their father, Elijah, was a 47 year-old conscript in Co.G of the 19th. Arriving at the front in time to be slightly wounded at Stones River (or Murfreesboro, Tn.) Elijah deserted from the hospital, returned to east Tennessee and served in the Home Guard till the end of the war. One has to wonder about the father-in-law-son-in-law relationship.

In the 1850 census, the Hashbargers were next door neighbors to future Confederate General Alfred "Mudwall" Jackson.
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The jackets of the two seated look to be Cavalry ---but do they look dark enough to be BLUE?

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