CS Con -Lewis, John Wood Sr. - C.S. Senator, GA

John Wood Lewis Sr.:
Born: February 1, 1801

Birthplace: Small Plantation in Spartanburg District South Carolina
Father: Joel Lewis 1767 – 1815
(Buried: Lewis Family Cemetery Inman South Carolina)
Mother: Mary Wood Machen 1781 – 1876
Wife: Sarah Maria Earle 1809 – 1867
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia)
Harriet Frances Lewis Brown 1836 – 1889
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia)
Private Pickens Rowland Lewis 1838 – 1892
(Buried: Cassville Cemetery Cassville Georgia)
Mary Lewis Thomas 1840 – 1880
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia)
Private Baylis John Lewis 1844 – 1913
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia)
Mildred Earle Lewis Martin 1847 –
Edward Earle Lewis 1849 –
John Wood Lewis Jr. 1853 – 1914
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia)

Political Party: Democratic Party


Attended Cedar Springs Academy
Studied medicine under Dr. Richard Harris in Greenville S.C

Occupation before War:
Medical Doctor in Spartanburg South Carolina
1830 – 1831: South Carolina State Representative
1832: Became an Ordained Baptist Minister
1832 – 1839: Baptist Preacher near Greenville South Carolina
1839 – 1865: Baptist Minister in Canton Georgia
Organizer of Several Churches in Communities near Canton Georgia
Owner of Iron Furnaces and a Mill near Canton Georgia
1845: Georgia State Senator
Future Governor of Georgia Joseph Brown lived with Lewis's Family while he tutored his children.
Lewis loaned money to Joseph Brown so he could attend Yale Law School.
1858 – 1862: Superintendent of Western and Atlantic Railroad

Civil War Career:
1858 – 1862: Superintendent of Western and Atlantic Railroad
1862: Appointed in the place of Robert Toombs as Senator
1862 – 1863: Confederate States Senator from Georgia
1862: Member of Senate Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads
1862: Submitted resolution pledging Congress total commitment to Victory.
1862 – 1863: Supporter and Advocate of Hard states’ rights position
1862 – 1863: Opposed programs ranging from conscription to establishing a Supreme Court.
1862 – 1863: Often sent resolutions questioning the army’s efficiency and railroad management.
1863: Choose not to be a candidate for reelection to C.S. Senate.
1863 – 1865: Manager of Georgia’s interest in the great wells of Saltville Virginia.

July 11, 1865
Place of Death: Canton Georgia
Age at time of Death: 64 years old
Burial Place: Riverview Cemetery Canton Georgia