CS Lee Jr., Richard Bland, Cousin of R.E. Lee

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Richard Bland Lee Jr.
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Born: July 20, 1797

Birthplace: Sully Plantation, Fairfax County, Virginia

Father: Richard Bland Lee Sr. 1761 – 1827
(Buried: Sully Plantation, Chantilly, Virginia)​

Mother: Elizabeth Collins 1768 – 1858
(Buried: Sully Plantation, Chantilly, Virginia)​

Wife: Julia Ann Prosser 1805 – 1886
(Buried: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia)​


Anna Cornelia Lee Peebles Unknown – 1919​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Mary Elizabeth Lee Fleming 1827 – 1902​
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)​
Julia Eustis Lee 1830 – 1910​
(Buried: Ivy Hill Cemetery Alexandria, Virginia)​
Evelina Prosser Lee Morgan 1832 – 1905​
(Buried: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​
Captain Julian Prosser Lee 1840 – 1901​
(Buried: Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Virginia)​
Myra Gaines Lee Civalier 1841 – 1908​
(Buried: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia)​
Dr. William Augustus Lee 1846 – 1906​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Private Robert Fleming Lee 1849 – 1913​
(Buried: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia)​


1817: Graduated from West Point Military Academy​

Occupation before War:

1817: 3rd Lt. United States Army Artillery​
1817 – 1819: 2nd Lt. United States Army Artillery​
1819 – 1836: 1st Lt. United States Army 3rd Artillery​
1836 – 1841: Captain United States Army 3rd Artillery​
1838 – 1841: Captain and Commissary of Subsistence​
1841 – 1861: Major and Commissary of Subsistence​
1861: Resigned from United States Army on May 9th​

Civil War Career:

Commissary of Subsistence in the Confederate Army​
Suffered from inflammation of the lungs​

Occupation after War:

Farmer in Ellicott City, Maryland​
Home Owner in Alexandria, Virginia​

Died: August 2, 1875

Place of Death: Alexandria, Virginia

Age at time of Death: 78 years old

Burial Place: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia

Col. R. B. Lee C.S.A.
My dear Colonel

I have just received your letter of the 11th instant and read it, I assure you, with great surprise. I have known you for more than twenty-five years, and during all that time looked upon you with high official and personal respect—I cannot, therefore, well comprehend why you inquire if anything I have written was intended to reflect in any manner upon your official conduct while on duty with me in this army.

With my last letter referring to the Commissariat while you were at the head of that department here were enclosed papers showing, as I thought, that you were perfectly competent to provide the army—with no other aid from Richmond than found.

Let me add that I rejoiced to find you here at the head of your department and that I regretted your removal very much.

I have never written anything intended to be construed into reflection upon the manner in which you discharged your duties in this army—nor implying on your part want of zeal or efficiency. But have ever thought and spoken of you as an officer of high capacity and merit.

Very truly your friend
J. W. Johnston
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