Muzzleldrs Learning how to shoot Civil War muskets


First Sergeant
Jan 27, 2015
San Antonio, Texas

At my club, we try to get folks to come out to skirmish events and see the varieties of civil war-era arms. We do get some first time folks every now and again to see what the traditional muzzle-loading experience is like.

In living history for Texas Revolution events, there are cases where we do firing with blanks to demonstrate how it was done... And I also have given demonstrations to any number of youngsters. In cities one can't have kids handling the guns and whatnot, but I sometimes show youngsters how to roll paper cartridges, and then encourage them to try their hand at making a dummy cartridge filled with bird seed, so they can later go feed the birds with the contents.

I've also made up paper cartridges for use in familiarization/ live fire with impressionists/"living historians"/ and reenactors. The Enfield type cartridges are a hit! Lots of interest in the different types.