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Lucy Hale Lambert


At the age of 74, Lucy Hale Lambert died on October 15, 1915. Hale was the daughter of U.S. Senator John Parker Hale of New Hampshire. During the early years of the Civil War she lived in Washington, D.C and became known as a familiar socialite. It was here that she made the aquaintances of Robert Todd Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth and other influential men in political circles.

By 1865, her romance with Booth was publically known and secretly they were engaged to be married. Now, on the afternoon of April 14, 1865 Hale allegedly spent the afternoon studying with Robert Lincoln, and early that evening Booth and Hale dined with her mother. At 8 p.m., as some stories tell, Booth abruptly excused himself and when leaving turned to Hale and said these final words from Shakespeare to her, " "Nymph, in thy orisons [prayers], be all my sins remembered".

It is unknown whether Hale knew of Booth's plans to assassinate President Lincoln. Many believe Hale's social status was simply exploited by Booth to get him closer to Washington elite and those closest to the President. Hale would later marry and live in her native state of New Hampshire till her death.