Lady Reenactors

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Feb 20, 2005
Martin, you forgot to post her actual web page! And you little snot, you beat me to the punch! :tongue: Here it is in full color:

Shela is Martin's niece and my very dear and true friend. She does the most beautiful work. Check out her accessories and goodies. And her prices are the most reasonable I have ever seen. She is quick to ship items out, even when she custom makes things. She is an incredible seamstress, and I bet her ears are ringing right now with my talking about her. But I can't help it. My mom and I both own one of her custom collars, and my mom has the matching undersleeves. Plus we have the reticule clips, and I have a reticule, and a pair of earings (which she will be posting shortly). When you look at the shawls, the riding hat that her maniquin is wearing is one I made for her.

I highly highly recommmend this wonderful lady to you!!!!


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