Ladies Of Gettysburg, Closer Look At Famous Photo

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Feb 14, 2012
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In the middle of really, really researching Gettysburg, post-battle. It's given me an incredibly different perspective on a lot of our familiar images. It should. This photo has always been one of my favorites largely because the regiment is not identified. Not as convoluted as you'd think. My grgrgrandfather was at Gettysburg in November, 1863, invited with the 50th PVI, Lincoln's " Old Reliable ". Who knows who these men might be?

The Women of Gettysburg deserve a 2nd, 3rd and 19th look. Every one, all of them were swept up as nurses, heck, some did the work of doctors, unbeknownst even to themselves in the death, dirt, blood and stench following July 3rd, 1863. It's a long, long, horrific story comprehensively. Singularly? Hundreds we will never know, some we do. Some we see here may be among those who perished of sheer effort. True story. Elizabeth Thorn amazingly enough was not one of their number. She was convinced the daughter she was pregnant with at the time was. I'm with her

So this iconic photograph has become not of a regiment or a town, really or not even Lincoln's arrival. By November the hospitals had been emptied, the town beginning a slow rebuild. It would never be the same. 150 years later it is not the same. Frost would kill the killing stench, funeral byres had smouldered over horse carcasses, Confederate dead still dotted their farms in forlorn and forgotten graves. The women turning out here, in my head, this photograph is about them. And their town.

I'm not saying this is original, someone has probably thought all this before. Can't find it here.

Iconic, famous photograph from November, 1863. Federal troops marching in Gettysburg, Adams County, PA. There's been a ton of speculation on who some of these men are, but who are the much wrapped, hooded and cloaked ladies?

Ladies gb troops largest - Copy.jpg

Our Ladies. And @LoyaltyOfDogs someone's Beagle mix? Never noticed the little guy before. During the battle, these women huddled in cellars and with neighbors. Pouring into streets as wounded poured into houses there is not a single story, not one, of a wounded man not received in a home. These were the women of Gettysburg. This photograph now gives me chills.

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