Ladies in the Civil War


Jul 11, 2021
I am interested in learning about women who stayed at home during the war and the effects that the war had on them. I would appreciate any information.
Thank you
Jan 24, 2017
Hi Crystal, and welcome :smile:

You might find what you are looking for under the Ladies Tea - War From a Feminine Perspective.

If you go to the link at the top which says Forums and click on it then scroll down, you will find the Ladies Tea under People and Personalities of the Civil War.

Hope you can find what you're looking for there. There are quite a few threads under different topics.

Mrs. V

2nd Lieutenant
May 5, 2017
If you have a specific question, I am sure that our members can answer your question. Ladies at home, especially in the North were the real winners of the war. They organized hospitals, sent canned goods, sent clothing..both sides sent letters improving morale..and during this time, as women took over male specific roles, the womens sufferage movement gained momentum..