Knight of the Bone


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Jul 23, 2017
Southwest Missouri
(by a member of Wade's Battery)

During the first week in January, my mess went to work and built a room eight by ten, out of logs and such pieces of plank, as we could find. We built a good mud chimney with a six foot fire-place. From that time to the twelfth of Feb. 1862, we had comfortable quarters, and spent many happy hours reading Milton's "Paradise Lost," and "Don Quixote." First one and then another would read aloud, while the others would sit and listen. John Wharton, did most of the reading.

Sarjent Lawrence Murphey, Peter Bush, who was our Corporal, James Goddard driver, William Young, Henry Gum, and myself - there was also a Dutchman, whom we nicknamed, "Knight of the Bone," were the listeners. We were all mess-mates.

At nine o'clock, we had roll call and when ordered to break rank, there was a rush for our cabin door. One night the Dutchman was in the lead, he tripped and fell right in the doorway, others fell on him and he got hold of a bone and fought his way through, he was afterwards called "Knight of the Bone."

He disappeared at the surrender at Vicksburg….

Memoir of the Civil War

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