Kirby Smith's Army of Tennessee Order of Battle

Nov 8, 2018
I am trying to ascertain the composition of Kirby Smith's Army of Kentucky during the 1862 Kentucky Campaign
I know the Composition of Churchill's Division and Cleburne's Provisional Division
I know Smith had 2 other divisions under Heth and Stevenson, but their organization and unit compositions I know little of

-3rd (Cleburne's) Division:
--1st (Preston Smith's) Brigade:
---12th-47th Tennessee:
---13th Tennessee: Col. Alfred J. Vaughan, Jr. (Later Brigade Commander after death of Smith at Chickamauga)
---154th (Senior) Tennessee: Col. Edward Fitzgerald (Killed at Richmond, Ky, engagement); Ltc. Michael Magaveney, Jr.
--2nd (Cleburne's/Benjamin J. Hill's) Brigade:
---13th/15th Arkansas: Col. Lucius Polk (Later Brigade Commander)
---2nd Tennessee (P.A.): Ltc. John A. Butler (Killed at Richmond, Ky, engagement);
---35th Tennessee: Col. Benjamin J. Hill (Temporary Brigade commander; later brigadier in Forrest's Cavalry Corps end of the war); Ltc. Joseph A. Smith
---48th Tennessee: Col. George H. Nixon
---*Sharpshooter Company (Ad-hoc)
---Douglas' Battery, 1st Texas Artillery: Capt. James R. Douglas

- 4th (Churchill's) Division:
--1st (McCray's) Brigade (Later Ector's Texas Brigade):
---31st Arkansas: Maj. James W. Clark
---10th Texas Cavalry Dismounted: Col. Cullen R. Earp
---11th Texas Cavalry Dismounted: Col. John C. Burks
---14th Texas Cavalry Dismounted: Col. Matthew D. Ector (Later Brigadier General)
---15th (Later 32nd) Texas Cavalry Dismounted:
--2nd (McNair's) Brigade:
---1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles: Col. Daniel H. Reynolds (Later Brigade commander)
---2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles: Col. Harris Flanigan (Elected Governor of Arkansas in November)
---4th Arkansas: Ltc. Henry C. Bunn
---4th Arkansas Battalion: Maj. Jesse A. Ross
---25th Arkansas: Col. Charles Turnbull
---Humphrey's Arkansas Battery: Capt. John T. Humphrey

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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!