CS Con -Kenan, Augustus Holmes - C.S. Congressman, GA

Augustus Holmes Kenan


Born: April 21, 1805

Birthplace: Montpelier Baldwin County Georgia

Father: Thomas Holmes Kenan 1771 – 1837
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia)

Wife: Henrietta Green Alston 1807 – 1889
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia)


Captain Lewis Holmes Kenan 1833 – 1871
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia)

Henrietta Alston Kenan White 1833 – 1916
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia)

Dr. Thomas Holmes Kenan 1842 – 1910
(Buried: Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia)

Political Party: Whig Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Milledgeville Georgia
Known as one of the Ablest Attorneys in the State of Georgia
Georgia State Representative Six Terms
Georgia State Senator for Three Terms
Served as Captain in the Seminole War in Florida
He was a dedicated opponent of Secession in Georgia.

Civil War Career:

1861: Baldwin County Delegate Georgia Secession Convention
1861: Voted “nay” on the motion to introduce the ordinance.
1861: He signed the Georgia Ordinance of Secession.
1861 – 1862: Georgia Delegate Confederate Provisional Congress.
1861: Proposed to repeal all tariff laws.
1862: Elected to Confederate Regular Congress over Howell Cobb.
1862 – 1864: Confederate States Congressman from Georgia.
1862 – 1864: Member of House Military Affairs Committee
1862 – 1864: Always held strong sympathy for Davis Administration.
He at first wanted the economy to remain in the hands of locals.
Opposed innovations like the produce loan and grants for railroads.
Sent by President Davis to reconcile Georgia’s Governor on Conscription.
Kenan argued “States Rights will be easily adjusted when we establish the right to have states”
1863: Unsuccessful Candidate for reelection to Congress.

Occupation after War:
1865: Received a Presidential Pardon on May 23rd​.

June 16, 1865
Place of Death: Milledgeville Georgia
Age at time of Death: 65 years old
Burial Place:
Memory Hill Cemetery Milledgeville Georgia
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