Just read "Three Years And A Half In The Army" by Mrs. Ellen Williams

Jun 29, 2016

A very interesting book written by an eye witness Mrs. Ellen Williams who traveled with the Cavalry while her husband was a bugler for the 2nd Colorado Cavalry. While the cover of the book was very sturdy and appealing, the pages inside were a big disappointment. Being a "reprint" I did expect flaws but not to the extent of several black blotches on the pages and in one case the page numbers were out of order! Nonetheless it was an exciting book to read and I discovered many hidden secrets I never knew pertaining to The Second Colorado Cavalry of their battle engagements and skirmishes taking place here in the Kansas City area. My main focus was to obtain as much information of Co. L of the 2nd Colorado Cavalry and their involvement in the War. It was an incredible experience and discovery to tie the connection of this silver ID badge I found to a Pvt. Charles M. Webster who obviously was personally engaged in the many battles and skirmishes that took place here.
I have six photos of soldiers who were part of Co. L 2nd Colorado Cavalry who were engaged in the many battles with Pvt. Charles M. Webster. I am in the process of trying to accumulate as many photos of these soldiers and create a Historic profile commemorating them.

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!