US Con -Julian, George Washington - U.S. Congressman, IN

George Washington Julian:
Born: May 5, 1817

Birthplace: Centerville Indiana
Father: Isaac Julian 1781 – 1823
Mother: Rebecca Hoover 1791 – 1867
(Buried: Mount Vernon Cemetery Mount Vernon Iowa)
1st​ Wife: Anna E. Finch 1827 – 1860
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Centerville Indiana)
2nd​ Wife: Laura Giddings 1839 – 1884
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Indiana)

Louis Henry Julian
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Centerville Indiana)
Edward Channing Julian 1846 – 1865
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Centerville Indiana)
Frederick Hoover Julian 1856 – 1911
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Centerville Indiana)
Grace Giddings Julian Clarke 1865 – 1938
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Indiana)
Paul Giddings Julian 1867 – 1929
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Indiana)

Political Party:
Before – 1848: Member of Whig Party
1848 – 1855: Member of Free-Soil Party
1855 – 1872: Member of Republican Party
1872 – 1873: Member of Liberal Republican Party
1873 – 1899: Member of Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

1840 – 1849: Attorney in Greenfield Indiana

1845: Indiana State Representative
1848: Delegate to Buffalo Free – Soil Convention
1849 – 1851: United States Congressman from Indiana
1849 – 1851: Ranking Member House Accounts Committee
1849 – 1851: Member House Invalid Pensions Committee
1849 – 1851: Member House Revisal and Unfinished Business Committee
1850: Unsuccessful Candidate for reelection to U.S. Congress.
1850 – 1861: Attorney in Greenfield Indiana
1852: Unsuccessful Free – Soil Party Vice Presidential Candidate
1856: Indiana Delegate to Republican Party National Convention

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1871: United States Congressman from Indiana
1861 – 1865: Member House Public Expenditures Committee
1861 – 1863: Member House Public Lands Committee
Member of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of War
Viewed Major General George B. McClellan as nearly treasonable.
Supporter of Confiscating Property of Confederate Leaders.
1862: Leader in passing the Homestead Act
1862: Opposed the Morrill Act and was critic of Railroad land grants.
1863: Author The Rebellion, The Mistakes of the Past, The Duty of the Present
1863 – 1867: Chairman House Public Lands Committee
1864: Author Homesteads for Soldiers on the Lands of Rebels
1864: Supporter of Radical Republican challenge to Lincoln Nomination.
1865: Voted in support of the 13th​ Amendment to U.S. Constitution.
1865: Opposed Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan preferring Radical Plan.

Occupation after War:
1861 – 1871: United States Congressman from Indiana
1863 – 1871: Chairman House Public Lands Committee
1865 – 1867: Member House Navy Department Expenditures Cte.
1865: Author Sale of Mineral Lands
1865: Author Radicalism and Conservation – The truth of History vindicated
1866: Author The Rights of pre – emptors on the Public Lands of the Government Threatened, The Conspiracy Exposed
1867: Author Regeneration before Reconstruction
1867 – 1869: Member House Education and Labor Committee
One of the First to call for the impeachment of President Johnson.
1871: Author Biology versus Theology The Bible: irreconcilable with Science, Experience, and even its own statements
1872: One of the leaders of the Liberal Republican Political Party
1872: Unsuccessful Candidate for Liberal Republican Vice-Presidential Nomination
1872: Received 5 Electoral Votes for Vice President of United States.
1872: Author Speeches on Political Questions
1876: Supporter of Samuel J. Tilden for President Campaign.
1884: Author Political Recollections, 1840 to 1872
1885 – 1889: United States Surveyor General of New Mexico Territory.
1889 – 1899: Writer in Irvington Indiana
1891: Author The Rank of Charles Osborn as an Anti – Slavery Pioneer
1892: Author The Life of Joshua R. Giddings

July 7, 1899
Place of Death: Irvington Indiana
Age at time of Death: 82 years old
Burial Place: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Indiana
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South Texas
In 1865 George Julian beat Gen. Solomon Meridith in the election for a seat in the United States House of Representatives.Openly fueding with Meredith the two got into a confrontation in which Julian was beat unconscious with a whip. Meredith used his political influence to have assault and battery charges dropped.
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South Texas
In a speech at Indianapolis in Nov. 1865, Julian called for the hanging of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. Also that year in Cincinnati He said that former Confederate leaders should be executed and their estates should be confiscated.