Chamberlain Joshua Chamberlain Family Cover (Envelope)

Sea Scallop

Sep 8, 2019
I came into possession of this cover (envelope) thru Ebay a few years ago. As you can see it was sent to Joshua Chamberlain's daughter Grace in care of Reverend Dr. (George) Adams at their home in Brunswick Maine. The stamp is post marked Washington DC and dated March 1863. It's hard to read the day but the 63 seems clear enough. Grace would have been six at the time. So, my questions are: Who wrote the cover? Was Joshua Chamberlain with his wife Fanny in D.C. at the time, was he in between battles, away due to illness, etc. Or, was she in D.C without him? Or, is this someone else's writing? I believe Joshua Chamberlain took leave around this time, I just don't know when it was. Please chime in. My thought was that this was written prior to or about the time that a small pox outbreak inflicted the Twentieth Maine. It is also just shy of four months prior to the battle of Gettysburg. Could he have been on leave with his wife or was this from someone else?

Kurt G

Sergeant Major
May 23, 2018
Chamberlain was granted a 15 day leave in February and was in Brunswick , Maine with his wife and various friends and family members . By early March he was back with his regiment .The smallpox outbreak was in late April and early May.