CS Con -Jones, Robert McDonald - C.S. Delegate - Choctaw Representative

Robert McDonald Jones:
Born: October 1, 1808
Birthplace: Choctaw Territory (Present Day Southern Mississippi)
Father: John Jones 1785 – 1830
Mother: Mixed Blood Sister Two Oklafalaya

1st​ Wife: Judith Walker 1810 – 1837

2nd​ Wife: Susan Miller Colbert 1810 – 1860
(Buried: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma)

3rd​ Wife: Elizabeth Earles – 1899

George W. Jones 1840 – 1845
(Buried: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma)
Henry E. Jones 1864 – 1864
(Buried: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma)
Jimmie Jones 1866 – 1866
(Buried: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma)
Frank Jones 1867 – 1867
(Buried: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma)

Political Party: Unknown

Attended Choctaw Academy in Kentucky

Occupation before War:
1832: Migrated with the Choctaw tribe settling in Indian Territory
His family settled about Fort Towson
He established a chain of general stores he operated with success
He invested his profits in land and slaves along Red River
1860: Owner Of Six Plantations and owner of five hundred slaves
1860: His net worth was valued at worth a million dollars

Civil War Career:
Principal Commissioner of the Choctaws to negotiate a treaty with General Albert Pike.
Nonvoting Choctaw representative to the Confederate Congress
He not only represented the Choctaw nation but also the Chickasaw.
1862 – 1865: Choctaw Representative to Confederate Congress
1862: Enlisted at his own expense a battalion of Choctaws
1863: He choose not to sit in Congress until January 17th​
His only significant proposal was that two hundred extra copies of the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs be printed and distributed

Occupation after War:
Chairman of the Choctaw delegation sent to Washington D.C. to reestablish relations with the United States .
1865 – 1872: Reside at his plantation called Rose Hill near Hugo Oklahoma

February 22, 1872
Place of Death: Rose Hill Plantation near Hugo Oklahoma
Age at time of Death: 64 years old
Burial Place: Jones Cemetery Choctaw County Oklahoma