CS Con ★★★ Johnson, Thomas - C.S. Delegate, KY

Thomas Johnson


Born: July 4, 1812

Birthplace: Montgomery County, Kentucky

Father: Jacob Johnson 1784 – 1845

Mother: Elizabeth Anna Masterson 1788 – 1851

Wife: Elizabeth Peters 1845 – 1926
(Buried: Machpelah Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Kentucky)​


Albert Sidney Johnson 1872 – 1952​
Annie Johnson Goodpaster 1874 – 1957​
(Buried: Owingsville Cemetery, Owingsville, Kentucky)​
Sarah Peters Johnson Hutton 1876 – 1968​
(Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio)​
Patty Calk Johnson Riley 1878 – 1966​
Mary Hunter Johnson Hoffman 1880 – 1962​
Susette Johnson Perry 1884 – 1962​

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Farmer and Livestock Trader in the Southeastern United States​
Served in the Kentucky State militia rising to Major General​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Kentucky Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress​
1861: Took his seat in Congress on December 18th​
He only attended Congress for a few days.​
Voted in support of giving Central Government manpower resources​
1862: Choose not to be run for regular Confederate Congress​
1862: Returned to Montgomery County to raise Cavalry regiment.​
His Regiment became known as 2nd​ Kentucky Mounted Rifles.​
Colonel of 2nd​ Kentucky Mounted Rifles Regiment​
Served in the Battles of Dalton Georgia and Missionary Ridge​

Occupation after War:

Farmer and Livestock trader in Mount Sterling, Kentucky​
1876 – 1877: Kentucky State Representative​
1878 – 1882: Kentucky State Senator​

Died: April 7, 1906

Place of Death: Farm near Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Cause of Death: General Debility

Age at time of Death: 93 years old

Burial Place: Machpelah Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Kentucky
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