John Calvin Jackson, Private, Company D, Missouri Cav. CSA

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Aug 12, 2011
In 1960 I was 9 years old, the nation was preparing to observe the centennial anniversary of the ACW.
I remember my fathers mother telling me that her grandfather had been in the CSA and was killed in action.
But I had not been able to find any information on who this person was until this morning.
Thanks to and Fold3, I have identified him as John Calvin Jackson, born in Tennessee, living in Saline County Missouri when he enlisted to serve in Company D, Missouri Cav. Enlistment date, Aug. 18, 1862, sworn into service by Col. John Shelby.
Feb. 1863 assigned to Gordon’s Regiment, Co. D, Yellville, Ark as a scout.
I remember hearing stories that the war had divided the family, one brother joined the Confederate army, the other the Union.
The widow of John C. Jackson remarried and immigrated to Oregon with her son John Calvin jr. Before the war ended. I don’t know where J.C. Jackson met his fate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

connecticut yankee

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Jun 2, 2017

Page 63 of the above says:

"I am looking for the record (burial place) of my Civil War relative, John Calvin Jackson, who was killed in the battle of Pine Bluff, Ark. Were the bodies returned, to their homes or buried where they fell? He enlisted from Saline Co., Mo. and served under Gen. Jo Shelby. He had a brother, Oliver Perry Jackson, who served under Sterling Price, came ,through the war unhurt, and died 1926 in Colorado."
(signed) Mrs. B. 1. Bums, . 1510 Bass Ave., Columbia, Mo.

If you google the battle of Pine Bluff, Arkansas you will see that about 2000 Confederate cavalry were involved and sustained about 40 caualties. More importantly, the CSA force was partly comprised of Missouri militia (cavalry). Your relative was in the militia and I'm betting this is where he was killed.
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