Jan. 11 National Milk Day


Brev. Brig. Gen'l
Jan 23, 2010
State of Jefferson
The history of dairy in California is really interesting. Central California, especially along the coast, was declared 'cow heaven'! All up the west coast from just below San Francisco to Vancouver is premier dairy country. Tillamook, Oregon - that's all they do. Lots of shipping business up and down the coast with dairy products. Monterey Jack - one of California's best cheeses - was developed right in Monterey, CA! My great uncle was a dairyman in Los Molinos and helped get better standards for hygiene as well as promoting better methods of care for the cows. I was startled to find my great-grandfather's dairy cow line is still going! Went to an auction down by Corning and there was his line - these cows had particularly rich milk.

Sad for me...I love dairy but it don't love me! :cry:

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