James A. Smith of Braxton Co., WVA -- Confederate?


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Dec 5, 2019
Now I am seeking help because I am so clumsy with Confederate records. A friend in Vermont--who thought that she was a thoroughly Union descendant--sent a family narrative that mentioned that her G+ grandfather, a Union vet, was annoyed because he discovered that his wife had named their son "Robert Lee". Unable to find the man in Union records, I back traced her research and found that he was one of three brothers; the other two (Felix Smith and Henry Smith) both served in the VA 19th Cavalry, Co. B. I found a James L. Smith in Co. A but am so poor with Confederate pensions that I cannot determine whether this is her ancestor.

James A. Smith (son of Joseph T. Smith and Catherine Sirk) was born c. 1825-1828. He married Sarah Cunningham (children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Eliza, Perry, Robert Lee, Henry, Silas and Wilbert). He died in 1903 and his wife survived until (I think) 1911.

Siblings of James A. Smith were Felix, Henry and Ann (Felix and Henry were Confederate soldiers).

My Vermont friend is stunned at the possibility but has resigned herself to learning the words to "Dixie" if necessary. 😂

Can any of you southerners with access to Confederate records give me any advice?

Bob Velke

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Jan 25, 2014
The records for James A. Smith of Co. A, 19th Virginia Cavalry are filed under James L. Smith in that company.

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