Irwin Moody 93rd Indiana Infantry (KIA- Battle of Guntown Miss. June.10,1864) Buried Trenton, NJ?

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May 6, 2015
Walking around Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, NJ and came across Lieut. Irwin Moody tombstone. Says he was a Lieut & Adjt for the 93rd Indiana Infantry and says he was killed at the Battle of Guntown, Miss. June.10,1864 age 32
Was wondering if anyone on the forum has info as to why he is buried in Trenton, NJ?
I noticed no Moody family name to the left or right of his tombstone. Thanks.




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May 23, 2018
Have no information on him but perhaps he was a New Jersey native who ended up serving in an Indiana regiment? I had an ancestor from Maryland who, for reasons I have never been able to figure out, served in a Missouri regiment during the war, despite having no verifiable pre-war connections or residence there. He returned home to Maryland briefly after the war, so I assume that would have been his final destination if he had been KIA.
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Oct 27, 2017
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I remember doing some searching on this guy before because I was going through an extensive catalog of soldiers from my county and his residence wasn't on the Muster Rolls, I couldn't really find anything about him other than he may have lived in Pennsylvania but the information isn't concrete. I did however run across this account of the battle that he is mentioned in.

New Albany Daily Ledger, Page 2, June 18th 1864.

I'll add that there are at least 9 other Moody's in the same cemetery, though most of them look to have been born after him or about the same age (It doesn't look like his parents were buried there.)
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Feb 1, 2016
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Actually, it was Irvin Moody's sister that took care of his burial and memorial (I assume his body was sent back from the battlefield).

Little is known of Irvin Moody's family. In the 1850 census he is living with his mother and sister in Philadelphia. I believe that Irvin and his sister Orrilla were educated. Irvin's trade was bookkeeper and I believe Orrilla was teaching.

1850 Philadelphia, North Mulberry ward, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
moody 1850.jpg

In 1853, we find a notation in a book - Public school district of State of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa.) of a Orrilla Moody, assistant principal - No. 6.
Orrilla Moody 1853.jpg

By 1860, Irvin Moody had moved to Louisville, KY, occupation was bookkeeper. Indiana was a stone's throw away (across the Ohio River).

1860 Louisville City 6th Ward, Jefferson, Kentucky
moody 1860.jpg

One of the towns that recruited for the 93rd Indiana Inf. was Madison, IN. Madison was 50 miles up the Ohio river.

By 1860, Orrilla had married Joseph Whitehead of Trenton, NJ. Joseph Whitehead and his five brothers were in the Woolen, then the Rubber business.

1860 2nd Ward City of Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey
1860 Orrilla Moody.jpg

August 27th, 1864 - Public Ledger, Philadelphia
moody Public Ledger Saturday, Aug 27, 1864.jpg


whitehead 2.jpg

hamilton rubber.jpg
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