Irish Immigrant & Confederate Veteran, Michael Monday

Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee
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My 3 x removed 2nd cousin, Caroline Jackson Dodson was born 11/13/1839 in Talladega, Alabama. She died on 7/29/1913 in Leake, Mississippi. Her father, my 4 x removed 1st cousin, was Dr. William Riley Dodson of Texas. Her paternal grandmother was my 4 x, great aunt, Francis Isbell Land, born in Wilkes County, NC. Caroline Dodson listened to her father when he was teaching his son, Josh, about medicine. She learned much from him. During a Typhoid epidemic, Caroline treated & tended to two or three of her children. They recovered from Typhoid. Then she helped with the people in the community with Typhoid. Later Caroline became a midwife in the Four Corners area.

On 8/16/1868 she married Irish Immigrant and Confederate Veteran, Michael Munday in Leake, Mississippi. They were the parents of at least seven children. Mike lived until 1912, Caroline passed in 1913.

Michael Monday, (Munday, Mundy), was born in Ireland in the early to mid-1830s. At age 18, and probably along with his mother, Ellen Malone Monday and siblings arrived in New York aboard the passenger ship, The Great Western from Liverpool, England, 5/17/1855. His father, James, for whatever reason remained in Ireland where he died in 1881. Mike is living with his 16-year-old brother, Peter and a 25-year-old Emond (Edmund)? Murphy in Carroll, Louisiana, in the 1860 census.

Mike enlisted 5/20/1861 in Portland, Ashely County, Arkansas into "The Arkansas Travelers". This Company would officially muster near Richmond, Virginia on 6/15/1861 as Company A 3rd Arkansas Infantry. Michael served faithfully including sickness and a short stay at Chimborazo Hospital and being detailed for two weeks as a "Shoemaker" in Virginia in November 1862.

"On April 19, 1863, a Union infantry force landed on Hill's Point at the confluence of the forks of the Nansemond River. This amphibious force assaulted Fort Huger from the rear, quickly capturing its garrison, thus reopening the river to Union shipping. On April 24, Brig. Gen. Michael Corcoran's Union division mounted a reconnaissance-in-force from Fort Dix against Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett's extreme right flank. The Federals approached cautiously and were easily repulsed. On April 29, Gen. Robert E. Lee directed Longstreet to disengage from Suffolk and rejoin the Army of Northern Virginia at Fredericksburg. By May 4, the last of Longstreet's command had crossed the Blackwater River en route to Richmond". One of the Rebels that failed to cross was Michael Monday. The last record in his file states he "deserted to the enemy on May 4, 1863, and took the oath to the Federal Government".

Taking the Oath of Allegiance and avoiding prison usually included agreeing to remain "north of the Ohio River" for the duration but I find no record that Mike agreed to do that. I also find no record of him joining the Union Army.

August 5th-6th, 1890 a reunion of the 3rd Arkansas infantry was held at Monticello, Arkansas. 78 Veterans attended. Mike was not among them. Mike died at Marydell, Leake County, Mississippi on 9/29/1912. In the 1910 census, the census recorder, no doubt informed by old Michael, initialed a "CA" in box #30, indicating Mike was a Veteran of the Confederate Army.

Thanks go out to @Zella for assistance with Mike's record

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