Irish Brigade officers at Fredericksburg

May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
63rd New York

Colonel Henry Fowler
Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Bentley
Major Joseph O'Neil
Adjutant James D. Brady (WIA)
Quartermaster James J. McCormick

Company A: Captain Richard P. Moore (WIA), 2nd Lt. William D. Horring, 2nd Lt. Timothy Murray (was not officially mustered in)
Company B: Captain John H. Gleason
Company C: Captain John C. Lynch, 1st Lt. William Taylor, 2nd Lt. William H. Higgins
Company D: Captain Thomas W. Cartwright, 1st Lt. John Flynn, 2nd Lt. Lawrence Daidy
Company E: Captain Joseph McDonough, 2nd Lt. Patrick H. Riordan (WIA)
Company F: Captain Michael O'Sullivan, 1st Lt. Patrick Maher, 2nd Lt. Miles McDonald
Company G: Captain Patrick J. Condon, 1st Lt. William Quirk
Company H: 1st Lt. Richard P. Moore (WIA), 2nd Lt. John Ryan
Company I: Captain Thomas Touhy, 1st Lt. John J. Hurley, 2nd Lt. William Daly
Company K: Captain John Sullivan (WIA, died 12/16/62), 1st Lt. John Dwyer, 2nd Lt. Michael Grogan


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May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
69th New York

Colonel Robert Nugent
Lieutenant Colonel James Kelley
Major James Cavanaugh (WIA)
Adjutant James J. Smith
Quartermaster Dennis F. Sullivan

Company A: Captain James Saunders, 1st Lt. Andrew Bermingham (WIA, died 12/17/62), 2nd Lt. Richard A. Kelly
Company B: Captain Thomas Leddy (WIA), 2nd Lt. Michael P. Brennan (WIA)
Company C: 2nd Lt. John J. Gosson (not yet mustered as 1st Lt.), 2nd Lt. Murtha Murphy (WIA)
Company D: 1st Lt. Garrett Nagle (not yet mustered as captain), 1st Lt. Bernard S. O'Neill
Company E: 1st Lt. Terence Duffy
Company F: Captain James E. McGee, 1st Lt. Patrick Buckley (KIA), 2nd Lt. Joseph M. Burns (?)
Company G: 1st Lt. John H. Donovan (not yet mustered as captain) 1st Lt. Patrick Callahan (WIA), 2nd Lt. David Burke (WIA)
Company H: Captain Philip Carr, 1st Lt. John T. Toal (WIA)
Company I: Captain Richard Moroney, 2nd Lt. Martin Scully (not yet mustered as 1st Lt.)
Company K: 2nd Lt. Robert H. Milliken (not yet mustered as 1st Lt.)

The regiment went through a significant reorganization in January 1863 when a number of sergeants were promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and lieutenants had not yet received their official promotions to captain which explains the lack of officers in appropriate positions present here. Many of these men were acting in officer roles but had not been granted the permanent rank as yet.

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May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
88th New York

Colonel Patrick Kelly
Lieutenant Colonel James Quinlan
Major William Horgan (KIA)
Adjutant James B. Turner
Quartermaster Patrick M. Haverty

Company A: Captain John Smith, 1st Lt. Thomas Murphy (KIA), 2nd Lt. James E. Byrnes
Company B: 1st Lt. John J. Blake (not yet captain), 2nd Lt. Charles M. Grainger (WIA) (not yet 1st Lt.), 2nd Lt. James McGrath
Company C: Captain Dennis F. Burke, 1st Lt. Richard R. Emmett, 2nd Lt. John O'Neil
Company D: Captain Patrick K. Horgan (WIA), 1st Lt. John C. Foley
Company E: Captain W. McMahon O'Brien, 1st Lt. John W. Byron, 2nd Lt. James McCormack (WIA)
Company F: Captain William B. Nagle, 2nd Lt. Thomas H. O'Brien (WIA)
Company G: Captain Michael Eagan, 1st Lt. Michael Gallagher, 2nd Lt. William McCoy (WIA)
Company H: 1st Lt. Maurice W. Wall, 2nd Lt. Daniel McCarthy (KIA)
Company I: Captain Charles J. Clarke (WIA), 1st Lt. Patrick Ryder (WIA)
Company K: Captain William G. Hart, 2nd Lt. John R. Young (KIA)
Unassigned: 1st Lt. Richard C. Ray

May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
116th Pennsylvania

Colonel Dennis Heenan (WIA)
Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair A. Mulholland (WIA)
Major George H. Bardwell (WIA)
Adjutant John R. Miles (WIA)
Quartermaster David S. Bunnell

Company A: Captain Patrick Carrigan, 1st Lt. William M. Hobart, 2nd Lt. Christian Foltz (KIA)
Company B: Captain Thomas A. Murray, 1st Lt. George M. Book, 2nd Lt. Henry D. Price
Company C: Captain John Teed, 1st Lt. Seneca G. Willauer (WIA), 2nd Lt. John B. Parker
Company D: Captain William A. Peet, 1st Lt. Jacob R. Moore, 2nd Lt. George L. Reilly (WIA)
Company E: Captain John McNamara, 1st Lt. Joseph H.G. Miles, 2nd Lt. Robert T. Maguire (WIA)
Company F: Captain Wellington Jones, 2nd Lt. Louis J. Sacriste
Company G: Captain Lawrence Kelly, 1st Lt. Edmund Randall, 2nd Lt. Garrett Nowlen (WIA)
Company H: Captain John Smith (WIA), 1st Lt. Francis T. Quinlan, 2nd Lt. Richard H. Wade
Company I: 1st Lt. John Stephens, 2nd Lt. R.B. Montgomery (WIA, died 12/21/62)
Company K: Captain John O. O'Neill (WIA), 2nd Lt. Bernard Loughery


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