Interesting letter written by Brig. Gen. Samuel Crawford who later owned the land he fought for July 2, 1863.

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Joe Martin

Jul 17, 2019
Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford – 3rd​ Division – Bachelder Papers Volume II p. 979
Letter of Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford[1]
York, Pa.
Nov. 7, 1883​
Dear Col. Bachelder
Surely you will have thought it strange that you rec’d no response to your kind letter. But when I say to you that I only rec’d it months after it was written it will account for the delay.
I would have joined you with great pleasure & indeed I proposed this same thing myself this year. I was about to write to you when I saw that you were to be at Gettysburg with the Mass. Officers & I came here only to find that you again gone back. Now tell me where you will be this winter as I may be able to run up & have a chat with you. You are pushing your work I see & thoroughly & I suppose you are nearly through.
I saw every letter from you in the papers in regard to the reckless placing of monuments.
I am with you on that subject and as far as my own property is concerned will not permit it unless by some authority that I recognize.
Would it not be well to do for Penn. troops the same that has been done so well for Mass. My address is here,
Respectfully yours
S.W. Crawford​

[1] Brig. Gen. Samuel Crawford commanded Third Division, Fifth Corps. At this time (Nov. 1883) he owned the land in front of Little Round Top – the “Valley of Death.”

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