IN THEIR OWN WORDS.. voices from the unpleasantness,


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
August 26, 1861
Wife Did Heavy Sewing for Civil War Soldiers
A man whose wife had done some heavy duty volunteer work inquired as to how he could get it to Georgia soldiers.

“…My Wife…has made fifty shirt and knit thirty pair of socks at her own expense, and she has been informed by her son, Lieutenant Talbot in Dr. Belt’s company from Bulloch County, 9th Georgia Regiment, that you would send them to the soldiers free of expense, if she would send them to you now. If so, please let me know by return mail where to send them and how to direct them. …”
August 26, 1864
Dangers from Robbers Recorded in Diary
William King of Cobb County wrote in his diary of the dangers from Confederate scouts and robbers of all varieties.

“Dr. Miller’s guard was affraid to remain with me last night, went back to his Camp & returned early this morning, they all seem very uneasy about the Scouts about, every few days some of these straggling men are picked up & many horses & Mules; even the men with [torn] trains coming daily to our Spring for water for the Hospital, are getting [torn] coming here for water. I went to see old Mr. Hutchins this morning [torn] better, I then went to the Picket Station & remained there about 1 1/2 [torn] The 2 little Delk boys had come in again with Peaches & apples to get flour, sugar & coffee, while some thief took from my Pocket the last Handkerchief I had. I gathered no news– Some of the women told me many of their neighbors are getting about as bad as the soldiers, & were stealing from each other. What a crop of thieves this war has produced. An old man told me that Greenlee Butler was very low & that he had come in to try & get a Physician to go & see him, I told him I did not think he would find one who would be willing to venture it, from the danger of being taken by our Scouts. …”

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