In Memory of our Dear Friend, chellers


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Dec 24, 2010
I'm sorry....I just saw this.....I have been off and on the forum the past couple years dealing with my own life's drama, and not as frequent as I have been in the past...

I, too, am saddened to hear of her passing...It's definitely the most difficult part of being a member of social organizations....and now, forums like these...It's something I greatly underestimated when I began to participate in online forums.....the passing of members and friends...I had come to expect things like this when participating in social, neighborhood organizations (American legion, K of C, VFW, etc....)....

'Chellers' was one of the first members to greet and chat with me when I first joined, and continued throughout my own don't forget folks like that...or, at least, I don't....I think it creates a social and friendly bond...She went out of her way to merely just say 'welcome'...and was sincere...and you felt that.

A blow to kindness, civility, and decency...."sleep" my our hearts stand sentinel, rest easy knowing that you are covered in the warmth of your many friends love and affections....I'll take the next watch...
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