In memory of Glorybound

Bonny Blue Flag

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Jun 21, 2008
Irving, Texas
Lee's cousin Linda stated that there will be one day of viewing and no funeral service. She did not offer info on the funeral home or a cemetery. This is to be a very private affair.

Lee liveded in New Albany, Indiana. He has one brother living in Evansville and extended family, including his cousin Linda, in Corydon, Indiana and more extended family in Louisville, Ky. His dog Izzy is being taken care of by a neigbor lady in Lee's apartment complex.

The last time I spoke with Lee was on Monday, 11.5.12. I was about to start the first day on my new job and had a bit of jitters. I called Lee to hear the words of encouragement I knew he would say, and to hear his comforting voice. He sounded upbeat and full of energy. This was the perfect telephone call for it to be the last conversation we would have.

Because of this experience, I will never and I repeat never let my last words to a friend or family member be anything but loving, friendly, and/or helpful.



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Feb 25, 2012
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Thank you Bonnie Blue Flag. I'm happy to know Izzy will be taken good care of. The poor thing must be feeling lost without him, as are we.

In my experience with Lee, his great legacy is his kindness. He was a true Gentle-man!

I will keep in mind what you have just said -- may my last words to a friend or family member be kind and loving, so help me God.

M E Wolf

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Feb 9, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are extended to Glorybound's relatives. I think he has a brother in addition to the cousins.

Bonny Blue Flag, I thank you so much for sharing this news, though extremely sad. Glorybound always spoke so highly of you and always with a voice so tender and kind, when he mentioned you. I doubt if there was any truer and most valued friend as you. We both shared our praises of your qualities as a great lady and human being.

He was a very good moderator here on CWT, as you can see in the Archives of things posted, he was genuinely interested in the Civil War and peaceful discussions.

Glorybound had been a truck driver at one point, retired and picked up truck driving again, as to pay the bills. He moved back to his home state being closer to family. Before his life as a trucker, he used to be a drummer in the band. He said he wasn't playing smart in those days and his hearing suffered for it.

I will regret not having the person to person conversations with Glorybound. I have his numbers in my phone and counted on him to advise CWT if I was unable to. This is a very deep and sad day for me, as I am loosing a friend.
I shall miss his humor, miss his chat about Izzy the dog and the stirrings in CWT.

God Bless You Glorybound, may God embrace you in the glory and peace from above. Rest in lasting peace, where the stresses of life have no hold on you anymore.

M. E. Wolf


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Jul 19, 2006
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On 1/21/12 Lee opened the Favorite Songs thread, starting with "Still" by Lionel Richie. It must have been at the top of his list. One more for you my friend.

I never had the pleasure to speak with Lee, to my knowledge, but he had great taste in music and historical interests and for that I am sorry that I never got to meet him and talk with him. I am certain that I would have liked him a lot. I am very sorry and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family and his CivilWarTalk Family as well!!!


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Feb 20, 2005
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To All,

We each owe a death.

But none of us are owed recognition, love, and fond rememberance. That is earned.

It is good to know that Lee earned so much love, recognition, and fond rememberance by the membership here.

Any who took the time here to comment on Lee, no matter the length or the depth, did him honor.

I will miss him.



Sep 22, 2009
Rome, Italy
My sincere condolences to the family.
I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but I did read a good deal of his comments here and enjoyed the points made and raised by him. His kindness will surely not only be missed by this community.


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Jun 26, 2005
Franklin, Indiana
It is very hard to express the feelings that we all have for one of members of this message board. Many of us went thru this just a short time ago with the loss of Larry. Now we have lost another member that can never be replaced. Yes he will be missed but he will never be replaced.


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Apr 6, 2011
I called Linda this evening and asked about an obituary for Lee.

She said the family is still reeling from his sudden death, they have not as of yet written one.

What better epitaph for a good friend than these comments posted by my fellow members?

In which case I would like to add my few words.
It was a real shock when I read of Lee's sudden illness. I stayed away from the computer the rest of that day. By evening I found out the worst had indeed come to pass. I felt a real sense of loss.
It is difficult to put a finger on why? Such a connection could exist with someone I had never met. But the truth is, as many here have already testified. Lee had the ability to bridge the informal setting of a computer console. To touch all our lives with a sense of real feeling. He had an enthusiasm which was infectious. Whether it was the history, music, or sports. He easily communicated with all, showing common interest and encouragement.
For those who may not be familiar with forums or private messaging. I can only compare it with old fashioned pen-pals, and Lee had many pals. Each of us have had, I am sure, some sort of interaction with Lee. He was there for everyone, and held no prejudices.
For my part, during the 2012 Olympiad. Lee had started a thread on all days developments. It would not be everyones cup of tea on a history forum. But Lee offered us this alternative, ante-room, as did his music threads. To step away from the hot debate, and just relax a little and breathe out a bit.
While the Olympics were happening I was quite, actually very, busy. Lee took the trouble most days to send a message. Asking how things were going on the ground here in London. He was of course knowledgable, but offered great support and encouragement. Showing appreciation of all that was going on. It was great morale boost.
I shall be eternally grateful for knowing Lee, sadly never to meet him face to face. But still feel I had the pleasure of having communicated with him during my time here on this forum.

Dave...R.I.P. Lee