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Civil War Photo Resources

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Graphic Photos Rules:

I just wanted to make it clear to everyone what can be expected in this forum. I'd like to keep our forum as family friendly as possible. However, if you want to do a photo study or discussion about a photo of subjects such as "Confederate dead at Gettysburg", you may, but please follow these simple rules:

If you choose to post a photo in this forum that is graphic or gruesome in nature, for everyone's sake, please put the prefix "GRAPHIC:" in the thread title.

Do not post graphic photos inside otherwise "clean" threads, create a new thread instead.

If the amount of graphic posts become overwhelming, they will be moved.

Please report any post not following these guidelines.

Modern Photos:
Modern Photos that you did not take, you must include a link and give credit to the photographer.

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Oct 14, 2015
New here, but not new to taking photos of reenactors & CW places, the rules on the 60 day photo contest? Sometimes there is absolutely nothing going on as far as Civil War reenactments during certain months, is there a place on here i can post some old photos like a few yrs ago of some reenactments, i don't want to bombard this place with tons of photographs, i see it is a "talk" forum, but every now and then maybe once a month or so i'd like to post a picture. Since most of my photos are of reenactors and they are "out in public view" i'm sure they don't mind, in fact, i'm sure they'd be thrilled to have their pictures posted on a Civil War site. I also collect Civil War veteran graves, but that can be a bit too much, but i do have some very important higher up generals and such. Anyway, i gotta find the photo of the month contest and will abide by your 60 day rule and post a picture, ok off to find the photo site.

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