ID For "Pine Cottage" Photographs?

Robert Gray

First Sergeant
Jul 24, 2012
In the collection of Mathew Brady negatives at the National Archives are two images (NARA-524675 and NARA-524716) that show nine unidentified soldiers in winter camp. They pose in front of a log structure with the name "Pine Cottage" prominently displayed above the door. No information is recorded as to the regiment and location. A print in the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS 1948.1.0853) suggests that the photographs were made at Brandy Station, Va. What makes these unique, is that the men are wearing jackboots and a distinctive style of camp hat. In my digital files I located a sepia print of four members of the 18th Massachusetts Infantry, one of which is similarly attired. (18th Massachusetts Infantry Facebook page).
It is premature to jump to conclusions, but I trust I have taken a step in the right direction. More research is needed here.