I just bought MMP's GCACW Atlanta is Ours and I have some questions!


Feb 18, 2017
The combined Grant Takes Command and On To Richmond is the next one to be released. The OTR map was painted by someone other than Charlie Kibler, and on top of that, the green tints were different than all the other games in the series.
That sounds like it'll be a great help. The maps are actually valuable educational tools in and of themselves - I've made at least one thread exploring the operational movements in a real Civil War campaign by using the maps, since they do such a good job of showing the roads. (They're not perfect, but they're good.)

...actually, I wonder if the new version of OTR will include the exploit I spotted in the original On To Richmond:


The Southall's Landing hex has a road in it, and it borders both the Lee's Mill hex and the one to the south of it. The river is a Minor River.
This means that the modifier for bridging is +2 (roads in both hexes) with a possible +1 (river unfordable) with a target of 5 or less, and so there's a good chance of successfully building a pontoon bridge across the Warwick there unless the Confederate player posts a brigade there. If they don't know about this then the Confederate player can suddenly find themselves confronted with an entire Union corps crossing the Warwick unexpectedly through a route which, in real life, would have been impossible (as there were Confederate gunboats on the lower Warwick).