I have to admit...it's places like this that get my attention


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Dec 24, 2010

Since I'm still doing coffee this morning....and nothing better to read...I came across this article in the paper....

Of course the imagination began to run wild...(33 acres!)....although the grass cutting for this place would be a bear....not to mention the utilities.....but, still 33 acres....

What I really wanted to post a question about was if anyone had any dealings with the Battlefield / NPS preservation groups....and what it's like to deal with them. What I'm curious about is how easy, or difficult, it might be to deal with them if I, or someone else, were to attempt to purchase a place like this (close to a battlefield, and noted for having troops camp out on the property after the conflict)....

Is it possible to find out if, say, the Civil War trust (or any other entity), may have designs on this...or...another parcel of land....how would someone go about finding that type of info?

This particular place looks to be about 5-10 miles south of the Antietam battlefield park.

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May 31, 2016
Toronto, ON
Antietam's battlefield is pretty much complete with a wide buffer zone around it.

A good question if the CWT would be interested, not a lot of room in the budget. It's certainly a fair price for the land but given it's location I think they would pass unless it was possibly donated.

Just my 2 bits worth

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