Hurricane Mills - Loretta Lynn's VERY haunted house

Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi

There are Confederate soldiers buried on the property and a supposedly slave dungeon under the main porch that was discovered.
Thanks, @NH Civil War Gal !

It's been many years since I watched that.

Even after international fame, ... Ms. Lynn has never changed her personality.
I believe everything she relates about that plantation home.

I haven't heard too much about her lately, but I think her health is fine.
I believe she is about 90 years old now.

Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi
Her house is supposed to have a number of private Confederate graves on it.
The account of the two Confederate soldier "spirits" in the Brown Room go back longer than her son's story.
At least according to one of my college buddies.

He never said if he thought it was true, only that the same stories pre date Loretta Lynn's purchase of the mansion.
His family has been in that part of Tennessee since the 1700's. His last name is Bell.

He knew more folklore about a certain popular local "witch" with the same surname.
Although he claimed never to have witnessed anything unusual, he said his Grandparents swore the Bell Witch of Tennessee
was real ... but he always said ( they said) it was not a witch ... but more like a poltergeist.

He was a vey serious kid that had no reason to make-up anything.

It was only after three years of getting to know him before he would answer our questions.
But anyway, his family is well versed in the " Tennessee unexplained " ... so I trust what he says about Loretta Lynn's house.