Restricted How the North distorts Civil War History

John Winn

Mar 13, 2014
State of Jefferson
This is a false analogy, slippery slope, and a strawman all at once. Nicely done.

Please explain how I've made a false analogy or a straw man argument. I don't see that I have done either.

If a statue of Rhodes needs to be removed then why wouldn't it, using the same logic, follow that other honorifics regarding him ought to also be eliminated ? And if a statue to one racist person warrants removal then why not statues of other racist persons ?

That isn't a straw man argument (and I do know the meaning of the term). I am not substituting one thing for another, attacking the proposer, or quoting out of context.. I'm addressing the original proposition head on and simply saying that the argument used to justify removal of Rhodes' statue, if accepted, would also warrant removal statues of Churchill or any other person with a history of racist actions.

And regarding slippery slopes, that is exactly what I'm saying: start removing the statues and monuments and it's indeed a slippery slope.
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