How many New Yorkers died?

David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
Ive come across three graves here in the Southern Tier of NY mentioning a KIA at Antietam.

One was Alvin Alcott, who is buried by my bow hunting area but whose unit I can’t figure out.

The other is one buried across the street from my house whose name is illegible at this point.

The other is a 14 year old from Elmira, who after reading the regimental history of that city’s regiment, I discovered was a drummer boy who had his legs ripped off by a canon ball.

I think it would be cool to start a thread honoring New Yorkers killed in action on that day with their biographies.

Does anyone know how many New Yorkers were killed or wounded at Antietam?

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David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
Also can anyone tell me which regiment Alvin Alcott was from?

The stone also has his brother’s name, who was killed at Wilderness.


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May 3, 2013
Info about both brothers can be found on and Find A Grave. Alvin Alcott served as a Private in Company E, 34th New York Infantry. His brother, Daniel Alcott, was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company A, 13th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (aka 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, "Bucktails"). Daniel was killed on May 8, 1864, in the opening phase of the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.

David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
Thanks for resolving that mystery!

What’s interesting is that his brother’s stone says he died at Wilderness.

David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
How do you know Alvin’s regiment? He’s not on the roster or muster rolls of that unit.


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May 3, 2013
How do you know Alvin’s regiment? He’s not on the roster or muster rolls of that unit.
Searching for Alvin on Ancestry shows him listed in the 1850 Census as Oliver Orcut. In the 1860 Census it's Alvin Acutt. Both records show him in Hornby, Steuben County. The 1850 record shows a Daniel Orcut as well. In the roster of the 34th New York there is an Alvin Orcutt enlisted in Company E at age 18 on May 18, 1861, and killed at Antietam on September 17, 1862. I cannot explain the variations in the name but the records seem to indicate this is your man.


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
I could have sworn that I had posted it but I couldn't find it after a cursory glance. I have the names of many of the men from New York regiments who died at Antietam and will post them later today.



May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA

22nd New York: 6
Private James Connell
2nd Lt. Charles Cushing
Private James Dignan (died September 30)
Private Jacob Ross (died October 14)
Private Aaron Sherman (died October 9)
Private Joseph Whitford (died September)

24th New York: 6
Private David Bliss
Private John Corrigan (died September 21)
Private Lyman Houghton
Private Christopher Navin
Private James A. Raulston
Private Merrick Salisbury

30th New York: 6
Private Moses S. Grover (missing)
Private Adam A. Hoffman (died November 7)
Sergeant Cherrick M. Joy
Private James Plunkett
Private Alexander Walker
Private Charles Williams

84th New York: 10
Private William H. Ackerman (died October 17)
Private Robert A. Cadwell
Private Michael Daly
Private John T. Drew (died October 18)
Private George W. Hickman (died September 18)
Captain David Myers (died September 25)
Private Patrick Nestor
Private Jonathan Thomas (died October 10)
Corporal Francis Tucker (died October 12)
Private Henry Van Brunt

21st New York: 16
Private Charles Bertch
Corporal James H. Blake
Private Charles K. Burdick
Private Mathew Carson
Private Michael J. Coan
Corporal Thomas A. Curran
Private Charles E. Johnson (died September 18)
Corporal Simeon King
Private Charles Morgan (died September 18)
Corporal George W. Proctor (died unknown date)
Private Frank Schwegel (died unknown date)
Private Ira J. Sheldon
Private William Shoop (died October 14)
Private Charles E. Sprague
Private John Wolk
Private Henry Zwick

23rd New York: 9
Private George C. Ames (died October 7)
Private Olin L. Bennett
Private Henry Brown
Private David Farron
Private Jerome Gorton (missing)
Private Charles Hathaway (died October)
Corporal Charles H. McKinney (died September 18)
Private Charles W. Tice (died October 5)
Private Seabury Williams

35th New York: 12
Private George Barcus
Captain James R. Barnett
Private Julius Broadbent
Corporal William Davenport
Corporal Charles Elphick
Private Fred Giener (died September 28)
Private Alonzo Green
Private Stephen Lane
1st Sergeant Joseph E. Morgan (died October)
Private George Spicer
Private Charles Springer
Private Charles Weldon

80th New York: 10
Private George H. Barnard
Private Thomas McAllieffe
Sergeant Edward Miles
Private Lewis Payne
Private Peter P. Ploss
Private Washington G. Pollock
Corporal Washington L. Pollock
Private John P. Post
2nd Lt. Martin H. Swarthout
Corporal Amos Travis (died September 28)

97th New York: 27
Corporal Clinton Ackerman
Corporal Henry E. Adams
Private James Adsit (died October 18)
Private Albert Argersinger (died July 29, 1863)
Private Francis P. Curran
2nd Lt. Louis Delorme
Private Emmett Dunning
Private Zachariah B. Fellows
Private Patrick Finnigan
Private George Glessman
Private Gottfried Glessman
Corporal William H. Gray
Private Richard Handley
Private Daniel D. Horton
Private Luther Lasher
Private David E. Maxfield (died October 24)
Private Patrick O’Connor
Private John Roberts
Private John Schweinsberg
Private Storrs Sherman
Private George Sipperley
Private Porter Stroup
Private Edward Torrey (died unknown date)
Private John Welch
Private Richard E. Williams (died unknown date)
Private James B. Windover (missing)
Private Frederick Wolf

104th New York: 18
Private Charles V. Bush
Private David Catlin (died September 28)
Private Charles N. Crawford (died October 27)
Private John Foster, Jr.
Private William Galvin
Private George Garvy (died September 24)
Captain John Kelly
Corporal Elijah Kendal (died September 24)
Private John Lyons (died September 20)
Private Mark Marles
Private Alexander Mossey (died September 22)
Private Harvey Noble (died October 29)
Private James O’Hara
Private Verillo Robins
Corporal Lawrence Sands
1st Sergeant Lewis W. Shepard (died January 10, 1863)
Private William H. Slocum
Private Isaac Whitney

105th New York: 16
Private Levi Andrews (died September 20)
Private Rufus Barnhart
Private James Began
Private William Booth
2nd Lt. Charles C. Buckley
Private James Calnan
Lt. Colonel Howard Carroll (died September 29)
Private Allen C. Cook (died October 24)
Private Michael Donley
Private Augustus Klee
Private Daniel Mason
Corporal William H. Rogers (died October 12)
Private Levi Schrem
Private Frederick Sheramm
Private John Shultz (died October 26)
Sergeant Jonathan G. Wiley

26th New York: 6
Private Charles H. Clarke
Private John C. Davis
Private William H. Evans
Private Louis Hartman
Private Martin Redmond
Sergeant Mieron Spies (died October 13)

83rd New York: 25
Corporal Charles W. Beecher
Private Henry Borman
Private Jeremiah Bressman (died December 14)
Private Frederick Bunk (died September 25)
Corporal William H. Cosman
Sergeant Charles J. Cross (died November 2)
Private Daniel Curtin
Private Alexander Decon
Private William Fery
Private Thomas R. Grogan (died September 27)
Private Peter B. Kenney (died January 20, 1863)
Private Francis Lambert (died October 30)
Corporal Joseph McAvoy
Private Mathew Murphy
Private Thomas W. Mykins
Private John S. Phelps
Private Henry Rheinlander
Corporal William C. Robinson (died September 24)
Private Henry Rogers (died October 13)
Sergeant John H. Scott
Private Joseph H. Swezey
Corporal Frederick Switter
Private William H. Van Buren
Corporal John A. Willers
Private John Williams (died December 10)


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA

7th New York: 18
Private Christian Baumann
Private Conrad Binn
Private Ferdinand Brandt
Private Alexander Dudeck (died November 2)
Private John Duevie
Private Heinrich Graeber
Private John Graf
Captain Charles Hensler (died February 26, 1863)
Private George Kern
Private Ferdinand Lobkuchler (died unknown date)
1st Lt. Hugo Loetze
Private Gustav Metz
Corporal Henry Munch
Private Wolfgang Pfann
Private Friedrich Roller
Private Christian Tiedmann
Private Gerhard Van Heusden
Private Franz Weining (died September 22)

61st & 64th New York: 11*
Captain Manton C. Angell
Private Charles Bronby (died October)
Private Frederick V. Emery (died October 15)
Private Norman O. Foster
Private William Fuller
Sergeant Ephraim Green
Private Rodger Hogan
Private John W. Orr
Private Harrison Stark
Corporal Henry G. Van Vlack
Private James Woodcock

63rd New York: 62
Corporal John Barnewell (missing)
Private Patrick Barrett
Corporal Daniel Carroll
Private Philip Colby (died September 19)
Private John Cooney
Private Patrick Corbett
Private Joseph C. Cottrill (died September 30)
Corporal William C. Cranston (died September 20)
Private Owen Curran
Sergeant Timothy Daley (died October 8)
Private James Delacey
Corporal John Doherty
Private James Dowd
Corporal Edward Dunn
Private Arthur V. Flynn
Private John Fullerton
Private James Gallagher
Private John Gallagher
Private William Gallagher (real name was Timothy Kearns)
Private James Gilroy
Sergeant Patrick Gleespin
Sergeant John Gurl
Sergeant Michael Hanlon
Private Michael B. Horan (died October 22)
Private Patrick Horrigan (died September 19)
Private John Hurley (died unknown date)
Private Martin Kane (died September 18)
Captain John Kavanaugh
Corporal John Keefe (died October 19)
Corporal John Kerrigan (died September 19)
Private Thomas Kevin (died October 24)
Private Michael Ledden (died October 22)
Private James Lennon
2nd Lt. Patrick W. Lydon
2nd Lt. George Lynch (died September 25)
1st Lt. James E. Mackay (died October 13)
Private John Madden (died September 19)
Private Thomas Maloney (died October 4)
Private Francis McArdle (died October 9)
Private Owen McDermott (died unknown date)
Sergeant George McDonald
Private James McGarigan
Corporal Cormack McKenna
Private James McMahon (died October 12)
Private Martin McMahon
Sergeant Owen McManus
Private Thomas McQuintan
Private John Moran (died November 5)
Private John Moran
Private Cornelius Murphy (died September 22)
Private Thomas Nevin (died October 24)
Private James O’Connor
Private Thomas O’Connor
Private Thomas O’Hara
Private Cornelius O’Riley
Private Mathew Robbins
Private George Robinson (died October 21)
Private Peter Seagreve
Private Arthur Smith
2nd Lt. Cadwalader Smith
Corporal Charles Trainor (died December 17)
Private Horace Wall (died October 17)

69th New York: 67
Private Robert Barnett (died October 25)
Private James Bennett
Private James Birch (died March 24, 1863)
Private John Brady
Private George Bray (died December 1)
Sergeant Edward Britton (died October 28)
Private Walter Burke (died September 27)
Corporal James Callahan
Sergeant John J. Canton
Private Thomas Clemens
Private John Coffey (died January 28, 1863)
Private Arthur Comyns
Private John Conlin
Private Thomas Connor
1st Lt. John Conway
Private Andrew Corcoran
Private Thomas Curran (died October 17)
Private Peter M. Davis
Private Timothy Dempsey
Captain Felix Duffy
Private John Duffy
Private William Fitzgerald (died September 25)
Private Peter Flummersfield (died October)
Private Michael Geehan
Private Thomas Gibney (died December 22)
Private Edward F. Gleason
Private John Gleason
Private Patrick Griffin
Private John Higgins
Private Patrick Hoban
Private John Kallaher (died October 25)
Sergeant John Keilt (died October 25)
1st Lt. Patrick J. Kelly
Private Thomas Kelly
Private Philip Kenna
Private John Libby (died December 11)
Sergeant Maurice Lyons (died September 20)
Private Roger Maloney (died unknown date)
Private John Martin
Corporal Edward Mayner (died October 29)
Private Samuel McGann
Corporal James E. McGee
Private Edward McGuire (died September 19)
Private James McKevitt
Sergeant John McLoughlin
Sergeant John McMahon
Private Thomas McNamara
Private James McQueen
Private Michael Moody
Private John Moore
Private William Morris
Private Richard Mulrooney
Private James Murray (died October 7)
Private Gerald Nagle
Corporal John Nolan
Private Daniel J. O’Brien (died December 16)
Private Timothy O’Brien (died September 24)
Corporal Joseph O’Keefe
Private Michael Quigley (died unknown date)
Private Michael Quinn
Sergeant John Reynolds (died September 30)
Private Patrick Roach
Private James Ryan
Captain Timothy L. Shanley (died October 1)
Corporal William Smith (died September 19)
2nd Lt. Charles Williams
Private Jeremiah Wren

88th New York: 37
Private Patrick Burns
Private Patrick Cannon
Private Patrick Casey (died unknown date)
Captain Patrick F. Clooney
Private John Collins
Private Michael Connery
Private James Darcy
Private John Debar (died November 26)
Private John F. Dunn
Private Jeremiah Durick
Private Patrick Feeney
Private Michael Finn (died October 9)
Private John Griffiths
Private Denis Hogarty
Captain John Joyce
Private Polk Joyce
Private William Kearns
Private Timothy Keegan (died unknown date)
Private Hugh Kelly
Private Patrick Kinsela
Private John Leary
Private Thomas Martin
Corporal William McCarthy
Private James McCarty (died unknown date)
Private James McGrath
Private John McKain
Private Patrick McTeguha
Sergeant John Murphy
Corporal Patrick O’Connor
Private Patrick O’Neil (died September 30)
Corporal Florence O’Sullivan
Private John Ryan
Private James Steples (died unknown date)
Private Pierre Teller (died November 9)
Private William Walsh (died October 16)
Private Anthony Webb
Private William Whelan (died October 6)

52nd New York: 4
Private John Betzhold (died September 27)
Private Hermann Hofler (died January 20, 1863)
Private John W. Sauer
Private John Stein

57th New York: 22
Private Henry F. Bugbee (died September 29)
Private Augustus Chambers
Sergeant Henry W. Cooper
Private William Eglington
2nd Lt. Henry H. Folger
Private John Gerard
Sergeant Edmund R. Halstead
Private Silas W. Hanson
2nd Lt. Henry H. Higbee
Private William F. Marion
Private John McQuirk
Private John Moll (died September 19)
Lt. Colonel Philip J. Parisen
Private William Reese
Sergeant Charles Risley
Corporal Joel E. Rulan
Private John Simoson
Private Christopher Stanford
Private Clark Stillwell (died October 9)
Private Benjamin West
Private John Will (died October 16)
Private David Wright (died December 20)

66th New York: 22
Corporal Christian Ashnaer
Private John Broughill (died October 1)
Private Owen Burns (died September 25)
Private John Carney
2nd Lt. Frederick M. Crissey (died September 18)
Corporal Owen Dunn (died October 5)
Corporal William Embree
Private Dennis Falvy (died unknown date)
Private William Kane
Private Patrick Keenan
Private Samuel Marcus
Private Patrick Martin
Private Bernard McGuire
Private Hugh Mulholland
Corporal James L. Page (died October 10)
Private John Sperber
Corporal Friederich Stube
Private Owen Suffolk (died November 11)
Corporal Philip Vath
Corporal Walter G. Wayne (died November 3)
Private William Weidlich
Private John Whelan (died September 28)

34th New York: 42
Private John H. Adle
Private David Armour
Sergeant Jacob Ashley
Private Henry Baily
Private John Beardsley
Private Martin Buck
Private Milford N. Bullock
Corporal David Carey
Private Stephen Cool
Private James Coon (died October 17)
Private Patrick Coonan
Corporal David Crouch
Private John Dickson
Private James Donohoe
Private Albert G. Easterbrook
Private William E. Eldridge
Private Lewis Gadban
Private Henry Gillman
Private Ezra Greek (died September 24)
Private Robert H. Hartley
Private George A. Hawley
Private Dennis Hayes
Sergeant Aaron Helmer
2nd Lt. Clarence E. Hill
Private Lawrence Hix
Private Henry Bubbell
Private Peter Jolly
Private Warren C. LaDeu
Private William Lewis
1st Sergeant Henry C. Lyon (died October 5)
Sergeant Garland W. Mead
Private John Murphy
Private John Mycue
Corporal Arthur O’Keef (missing)
Private Alvin Orcutt
Private Chester S. Rhodes
Private William Rubbins
Private William A. Salisbury
Private Anthony Sashagra
Private Loran Sawyer (died unknown date)
Private Ralph Walby
Private Daniel White

82nd New York: 33
Private Fedino Chessey
Private Michael J. Daley (died unknown date)
Private William Dates
Private Joshua Dixon (died February 8, 1863)
Private Robert Dixon (died October 28)
1st Sergeant Hugh Donnelly (died October 10)
Private James Egan (died September 24)
Private Cornelius Foley
Corporal Thomas Gilligan
Private Henry J. Goodman
Private William Gray
Private Charles Hacker
Private Jeremiah Kelly
Private John Kelly
Private Patrick Kelly
Private Adam Klein
Private Lyman C. Kulp
Private William Manahan (died unknown date)
Private Joseph H. McCorkle
Private William McKenney (died October 1)
Private Patrick McLaughlin
Private Henry S. McMurrin (died October 26)
Private Charles Metzinger
Private Thomas Montgomery
Private Frederick R. Morris
Private Patrick O’Brian
Private William Parker (missing)
Private James Quail
Private William Riordan
Private Michael J. Ryan
Private James Sampson
Private John Whalen
Sergeant George Wilson

42nd New York: 34
Private William Brahaney
Private Michael Burke
Private John Carr
Private John Cassidy
Private Richard Crow (died September 19)
Private Michael Cusick
Private Patrick Darey
Private Cornelius Donohough (died September 23)
Private Patrick Downs (died October 17)
Private Thomas Dubbins
Corporal James Eagan
Private Mark Gallagher
Private Ferdinand Grawe
Corporal Robert Heany
Private Thomas Hill
Private Timothy McAvoy
Private Michael McConnell
Private William McCue
Captain Charles McPherson
Private Francis Murray
Private Samuel Nixon
Sergeant John O’Brien
Private Timothy O’Keefe
Corporal Dennis C. O’Neill
Private Henry Pardy
Private Charles Parron
Sergeant Patrick Reilly (died October 6)
Private John Roe (died October 30)
Private Louis Souvey (died September 22)
Private Charles Sparrows
Corporal Richard Standford
Private Patrick Trainor (died November 5)
Private Henry Wiltacher
Private Armant Winter (died October 4)

59th New York: 60
Private Jacob Ausmon (missing)
Private Allorian J. Bassett (missing)
Private John Baumgarten
Private George W. Blauvelt
Corporal Dennis Breslin
Private Hugh Burns
Private Thomas Burns
Private John Carr (died November 12)
Private Failey Craig (died September 24)
Private Thomas Crosby
Private William Crowell
Private Samuel Davidson
Private Edward Delany (died November 18)
Private Patrick Dooling (died October 3)
Private Byron Eastman
Private Theodore Erskine
Captain Abraham Florentine, Jr. (died October 19)
Private Cornelius Flynn
Corporal John Foss
Corporal Alvah Gates
Corporal Ferdinand Giesler
Private Jonathan C. Goodnough
Sergeant Ivory Goodwin
Corporal Patrick Hannon
Sergeant David H. Hart (died December)
Private Isaac Holland (died September 23)
Private Thomas Hughes (died October 9)
Captain Gould J. Jennings (died October 25)
Sergeant Michael Judge
Corporal James C. Kerrigan (died September 20)
Private Joseph D. Kinne
Private Alfred F. Kitchell
Private John Kochler (died unknown date)
Sergeant John R. Leach
Sergeant Francis W. Leshhorn
Private William Mahagan (died September 19)
Private Patrick McMahon
Private John McQuade
Private Samuel F. Miller
Captain Miller Moody (died November 7)
Private Robert Moorehead
Private Jacob Muller
Private Robert Neil
Private Joseph Onderdonk (missing)
Private Charles B. Pritchard
1st Lt. Stephen C. Roosa (died September 20)
Private Joseph Schenck
Private Harvey H. Smalley (missing)
2nd Lt. William K. Smurr
Lt. Colonel John L. Stetson
Private Horace Thomas
2nd Lt. Benjamin Van Steenbergh (died September 22)
Captain Edward H. Wade (died October 5)
Sergeant George M. Walter
Private Charles W. Wands
Private John Waring (died unknown date)
Private Charles Wegener
Captain Charles K. Whitney
Private Harvey N. Wilson (died March 8, 1863)
Private Lewis Zweybrucker

108th New York: 28
Private Franz Beckman
Private Beldon Bortle
Sergeant Miles Casey (died September 30)
Private Iretus B. Dryer
Private Ellis Feltz
Major George B. Force
Sergeant George S. Goff (died September 23)
Private Byron Holcomb
2nd Lt. Robert E. Holmes
Private William F. Johnson
Private George A. Knight
Private William Lee
Private Patrick Lynch (died October 18)
Private James McComber
Private John McKenzie (died September 23)
Corporal Richard H. Morrell (died October 14)
1st Sergeant Ezra A. Patterson (died October 26)
Corporal Samuel B. Pollay
Private Lyman R. Potter
Private Henry Riferd (died September 20)
Private Patrick Rooney (died October 18)
Private Seymour Stairs
2nd Lt. David B. Tarbox
Private Charles A. Tillotson
Private Adam Wagar
Private Daniel Warren
Private Ozro Willis (died September 22)
Private Nicholas Young (died January 11, 1863)

4th New York: 56
Corporal Robert Agenton
Private Gordon Bartlett
Private Nicholas Becker (died September 30)
Sergeant Adolph Biering
Private John Blumenshien (died September 26)
Private John Byrne
Sergeant Van Buren Carpenter
2nd Lt. Henry K Chapman
Private John Cochran
Private Louis Deede (died January 18, 1863)
Private Philip Diehl
Private Peter Dougherty (died November 11)
Captain John S. Downs
Private Kiernans Farrell
Private Louis Fischer
Private Samuel Fites (died October 13)
Corporal Elliott Flagg
Private Joseph Francis
Private George Frederick
Private Frederick Hausman
Private Frederick Herman
Private Thomas Hickey
Private Michael Hines
Private William Hoch (died September 19)
Private John Howard (died unknown date)
Private Patrick Hoye (died November 5)
Private John Hughes
Private James Hunt
Private Charles Jones
Private Samuel Leake (missing)
Private Peter Leas
Private Andrew Malone
Private Patrick McConnell (died October 12)
Private Patrick McCormic (died September 29)
Corporal John McDonald
Private William McKnight
Private William McManus
Private Thomas Meehan (died October 4)
Private Murry Mingo (died October 7)
Private Arnold Noldeke (died unknown date)
Private William L. Norris
1st Sergeant Henry Pinkham
Private James Price
Private Patrick Riley
Private Phillip Ruddin
Private James S. Sharrock
Private Joshua Smith
Private James Stewart
Private Benjamin F. Terry (died October 8)
Private William H. Whales (died November 21)
Private John Wilburt
Corporal Samuel T. Willette (died September 18)
Private Michael Willman
Private Charles Wolf
Corporal Henry Wolfe
Private Peter Wren

* This does not count the 61st New York due to problems with the roster and I haven't had time to go through the whole list man-by-man.


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA

16th New York: 1
Corporal Charles M. Smith (died October 12)

32nd New York: 1
Private John N. Weaks

20th New York: 4
Private Philip Boehringer
Corporal Jacob Kayser
1st Lt. Jacob Pabst
Private Georg Schwarzenholzer (died September 19)

33rd New York: 6
Sergeant-Major George W. Basset
Private Frank Reynolds
Private Charles P. Seigfred
Private Elias Smith
Private Charles Stanfield (died September 19)
Private Louis Witt

49th New York: 4
Private Jonathan R. Dutton
Corporal Edwin A. Graves (died September 24)
Private Andrew Gula
Private John Wagner (died February 15, 1863)

77th New York: 10
Sergeant Henry Allen (died October 16)
Private Davis Green
Private Henry Hass
Private George Huntington
Corporal Benjamin P. Knapp (died October 10)
Corporal Joseph Meurer
Private Charles Munn
Private John A. Reuchler
Private Gideon M. Rowly
Private William H. Woolsey


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA

79th New York: 7
Private Joseph B. Barnes (died September 18)
Private John Couhig
Private Silas F. Hall
Private George Harris
Private James Matthieson
Private Andrew McCrea
Private William Reeves

46th New York: 3
Private John C. Beck
Sergeant Emil Muller (died October 22)
Private Wilhelm Poth

51st New York: 24
Private Absalom Barrett
Private Myron Chamberlain
Private Thomas Conerity
Private Robert C. Dall
Private Edward Donally (died unknown date)
Private Albert Eckenauer
Sergeant Dennis Fines
Adjutant Andrew L. Fowler
Private James Higgins
Private George Johnson (died September 23)
Corporal Michael Keefe
Sergeant George W. Loud
Sergeant Samuel B. Madara
Corporal Patrick McCafferty
Private Charles M. McMahon (died September 28)
Private Edward Miller
Private James K.P. Miller
Corporal Alexander Moreland
Private Patrick Quigley
Corporal Leander Reynolds
Corporal Stoel F. Reynolds (died September 28)
Private Thomas N. Stockwell
Private John Thompson
Private George Wood (died September 30)

9th New York: 58
Corporal John Adair
Private William H. Banta
Private Henry Beesling
Private Otto Beethuysen
Private Charles Bennett
Private Christian Busam
Private John Byrd
Corporal Michael Chrissman (died October 9)
Private Levi Collins
Private James Conway
2nd Lt. Edward C. Cooper
Private John C. Cordes
Private George A. DeLavergne
Private John Devlin
Private Francis Donohue
Private Patrick Flanigan
Private David Flemming
1st Sergeant Oliver Forbes (died May 31, 1863)
Private William Gunther
Private Phillip Glasser
Private Franz Grosser
Private Robert Hassen
Private George H. Heldebrant
Private Elias Hewitt (missing)
Sergeant Patrick Holland
Private Jacob H. Hopper
Private Brainard Hubbard
Private Nicholas Jachum
Private David Johnson
Private John Johnston (died October 2)
Corporal James Judge (died September 20)
Corporal Samuel Lawrence
Private Augustus Leonhard
Private Mathias Lindtner
Private Jabez C.F. Lockwood
Private Bernard McDermott
Private James McEntee
Private Henry McQuade (missing)
Private Charles Michaels
Private William S. Moser (died September 19)
Private James Murphy
Corporal Allen W. Negus
Private John O’Connell (died September 27)
Corporal William Patterson
Private Thomas Pearson (died October 14)
Private Eugene Rassiga
Private William Rothert
Private John Schafer
Private John Smith
Private Napoleon B. Spicer (died September 19)
Private John G. Stephens
Private William R. Stephenson
Private Henry Sweetman (died October 27)
Private Alfred Thompson (missing)
Private Joseph G. Turner
Corporal David Van Cott (died September 26)
Sergeant James H. Watson
Private William K. Watson

89th New York: 24
Private Andrew J. Bartholomew (died November 25)
Corporal William L. Beers
Private Solomon Brown
Corporal Jehiel Cameron
Private Charles Courtney (died September 29)
Sergeant George Eaglesfield
Private Daniel W. Edson
Private George English
Private Patrick Fitzgibbons (died April 17, 1863)
Private Nathaniel Forrest
Private Henry R. Francisco
Private Richard G. Gray (died September 22)
Private Philip Grodwant (died September 21)
Corporal Dennis Lewis
Corporal Lyman S. Mills
Sergeant Adam Needick
Corporal John W. Pixley
Sergeant Nicholas Rulapaugh
Private Samuel R. Twitchell (died March 6, 1863)
Private Adelbert S. Van Antwerp
1st Lt. Garrett Van Ingen (died September 26)
Private Samuel Wasson
Sergeant William A. Wick
Private Lanora Wilson

103rd New York: 31
Sergeant Henry Bergmann
Sergeant Charles Biehl
Private Charles Brown
Private Jacob Coblenz
Sergeant August Ebert
Private Woldemar Eckert
Corporal Friedrich Frey
Private William F.F. Giese (died November)
Private James Gilroy
Private Heinrich Gross (died September 19)
Private August F. Horman
Corporal Henry Crumb
Private Henry Lohener
Sergeant Joseph Merg
Private Gottlieb Newmann
Private Carl Pohl
Private Casper Polster (missing)
Sergeant William Riel
Captain Henry A. Sand (died October 30)
Sergeant Lorenz Santyn
Corporal Christian Schray
Private Heinrich Schurrmann
Corporal Ladislaus Schwarz
Private Georg Simon
Sergeant Mathias Stropeck
Sergeant Ferdinand Turnt
Private Andrew Vander Vacken
Corporal Peter Walter
Private John Whitney (missing)
Corporal George Wicke
Private Henry Zurfle


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA

28th New York: 3
Corporal David Bennett
Private Thomas J. Chapman (died October 4)
Private Leonard A. Knapp

107th New York: 10
Private Patrick Callaghan (died unknown date)
Private Daniel F. Corwin
Private Cyrus J. Covill
Private Matthew S. Dawson (died October 1)
Private William L. Everett
Private John H. French (died September 19)
Private Harvey Harrington (died September 18)
Private Alonzo Johnson
Private John Kalahar
Private Jesse E. Stevens

102nd New York: 8
Private Andrew Brommer (died October 4)
Captain M. Eugene Cornell
Sergeant Abram Desendorf
Corporal Francis Flynn
Private Charles Lake (September 18)
Private Stanton Lane
Private William H. Rice
Private George W. Russell

60th New York: 8
Private William Blake (missing)
Private William Bruce (died November 16)
Colonel William B. Goodrich
Sergeant Fred Hoxie (died unknown date)
Corporal David Robinson
Private Gersham Severance (died September 22)
Private John Sibbitts (died unknown date)
Private Lewis Thomas (died September 20)

78th New York: 9
Private Daniel I. Allen
Private Harris Baker (died September 20)
Private Robert H. Barrett
1st Sergeant Charles Caney
Private Mortley Hannon
Corporal Henry Otis
1st Lt. Pierson B. Peterson (died October 27)
Private Mathias Shlaerder
Corporal Edson G. Williams

David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
Anyone have any theories about why Alvin’s name is different on his stone than it is in the records?


May 18, 2011
Carlisle, PA
Anyone have any theories about why Alvin’s name is different on his stone than it is in the records?
There was no standardization of spelling and everything was spelled phonetically, especially in the army. A recruiting officer wrote it one way, a sergeant wrote it another, and Alvin spelled it a third way. It's a major issue in looking at Civil War records.


David Ireland

Nov 29, 2017
Searching for Alvin on Ancestry shows him listed in the 1850 Census as Oliver Orcut. In the 1860 Census it's Alvin Acutt. Both records show him in Hornby, Steuben County. The 1850 record shows a Daniel Orcut as well. In the roster of the 34th New York there is an Alvin Orcutt enlisted in Company E at age 18 on May 18, 1861, and killed at Antietam on September 17, 1862. I cannot explain the variations in the name but the records seem to indicate this is your man.
Yeah the cemetery is in Hornby in the middle of the woods.


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May 3, 2013
Records of the deaths of Alvin and Daniel Orcutt taken from Registers of Deaths of Volunteers, 1861 - 1865 found on Alvin is the seventh line from the bottom on the first sheet; Daniel in the middle of the second. Alvin's actual grave is in the Antietam National Cemetery under the name Alvey Orcutt. National Cemetery 1867.pdf


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