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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Question Forum.

So why do we need a Questions Forum? Can't we just ask questions in other CivilWarTalk forums?

Well, yes, it's true, you could ask questions in other forums on CivilWarTalk, but then you'd miss out on some of the most powerful functions our forum has to offer.​
For instance, you can post your questions in this forum, and then later come back to the thread, and UPVOTE any replies that were made to mark them as good answers!​
You can DOWNVOTE answers that are obviously wrong, or just off topic.​
You can also pick ONE ANSWER in each thread that you think is the BEST ANSWER to the question, this way OTHER MEMBERS CAN QUICKLY FIND THE BEST ANSWER in this thread!​

How Does the Question Forum Work?

The first post in EVERY THREAD in the Question Forum should contain brief QUESTION in the title of the Thread, as well as a more detailed version of the question in the first post of the thread. This is also where any additional information the person asking can provide context and background information. This will help you understand what kind of answer you are being asked to provide.​
If the initial question asked has follow-up questions, they may be found in the first post, or they may be in the OP's replies later in the thread, it's up to the OP (that's the Original Poster who asked the QUESTION) to decide how they want to do it.​
Any posts that follow the first post are replies, and frequently (but not always) are ANSWERS to the OP's QUESTION, and they look a little different.​
Here is how that works...​


Each post AFTER the first post will have the following voting buttons, there are three: UPVOTE, DOWNVOTE, and BEST ANSWER​
Every registered member has the ability to visit question threads and click the following buttons on each reply post:​
  • UPVOTE answers that are GOOD ANSWERS with "˄"
  • DOWNVOTE answers contain BAD INFORMATION "˅"
  • Vote for the BEST ANSWER to the question with "✓" in a Circle
Using Upvote and Downvote will change the number next to the post, for each member's upvote, 1 is added to the tally on the post, for each member's downvote, one is subtracted from the total.​


I upvoted this post!
The number next to the post will reflect your voting status on that post, as well as the current trend for that post, for instance:​
  • if you voted on the post, it turns gold (indicating that you can't vote again unless you want to change your vote)
  • if it's positive, it should show as green (indicating you haven't voted)
  • if it's negative it should show as red (indicating you haven't voted)
  • if it has no votes it will show a zero and be gray (indicating you haven't voted)

Also, you can see in this image, a button to click and choose "Sort by votes", a tool which can be found just above the 2nd post in each thread. Using this tool, you can float the "Highest Ranked Answers" to the top of the list of replies based on votes, instead of showing the conversation in it's natural date & time order.​
This helps you find the best answers to the question quickly!
The Question Forum lets us ask questions, post answers, and validate the answers that are actually GOOD ANSWERS, making it easier to come back later and review the information stored in the post and question.​

How Do I Ask a Question?

Start a new thread like you would normally in any other forum, and ask your question. Use the POST THREAD button in the top right corner of the Question Forum to start a new thread, (or click the link you just saw!)​
We recommend putting your QUESTION in the TITLE of the Thread. This helps everyone find and understand your question better! Yes, you should use a Question Mark "?" at the end of the question!!!​
If you want your Question Thread in a different forum, not the Question Forum, you can do that! However, the staff may move your question thread to the Question Forum, and we may alter the title to optimize the response by the other members on the forum. In addition, we will try to mirror the thread, if appropriate, back to the forum where it was originally posted.​
We do all these things to create the best experience possible for everyone!​

Now I Know How it Works. What do I do Next?

Please visit the Question Forum frequently!
Ask Questions in the Forum when you have them, if you want to!

Answer any questions you know by making replies!
Be sure to Vote for the GOOD and BEST answers other members are making!
It's Up to You to Make this Forum Successful!
Have Fun, and Be of Good Cheer!

If you have "QUESTIONS" about these features, or this forum, post them below.