How Decisive Was the Naval War to Union Victory?

Dave DuBrucq

Oct 28, 2020
In my opinion, the Navy played a far more decisive role than they get credit for. First, there was the blockade which reduced the amount of critical material from offshore sources that was available to the Confederacy. The addition of Federal Ironclads, namely the USS Monitor and her sisters neutralized the very real threat from CSS Virginia and her sister ships. Add the advantage they provided in riverine operations, an important role that cannot be overstated cannot be overstated. Removal of the blockade for example, would have opened Southern ports to all manner of resupply. Even with a few successful blockade runners, the Confederacy was still deprived of much needed wartime supplies.
Some postulate the Federals would have won regardless of any naval support. I am not at all certain that would have been the case. I am convinced removing the Federal Navy from the picture would have altered the dynamic of the war and surrender a great advantage to the Confederacy.