Hooker's new uniform for the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac.

major bill

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Aug 25, 2012
When General Hooker formed the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac, he toyed with the idea of providing them with special uniforms. Bright red jackets and caps, with pea-green trousers. Luckily, Hooker changed his mind.

I have some doubts that this uniform would have not been a particularly practical one. Perhaps Hooker believed that a special uniform would increase morale. I however, have some doubts about this. Regardless, we would have some interesting uniform painting had Hooker gone through with his idea.

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Apr 8, 2018
Coffeeville, TX
Would have an interesting look, plus would have undoubtedly decreased morale, especially when the other services laughed them off them field, which they probably would've by that stage of the war. I wonder if he toyed with any other uniform styles. Bright side, they would have had an easier time scouting for the ANV, the laughter from them would have told the Union precisely where they were.

But seriously this seems oddly reminiscent of the changes to the Invalid Corps name and uniform to the Veteran Reserve Corps complete with distinctive sky-blue jackets to increase morale, whereas in reality it made things worse.

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