★★★ -Holt, Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall Holt:
Born: November 10, 1840

Birthplace: Georgia
Father: Hines Holt 1805 – 1865
(Buried: Linwood Cemetery Columbus Georgia)
Mother: Sarah Ann Charlotte Perry 1820 – 1894
(Buried: Linwood Cemetery Columbus Georgia)

Attended University of Georgia

Life before War:
Resident of Columbus Georgia

Civil War Career:
1861: Private in Company G 2nd​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1861 – 1862: Major of 35th​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1862: Lt. Colonel of 35th​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1862 – 1865: Colonel of 35th​ Georgia Infantry Regiment
1863: Court – Martialed and fined
1865: Surrendered at Appomattox Court House Appomattox Virginia

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1867: Lived in Wynnton Georgia

September 25, 1867
Place of Death: Wynnton Georgia
Age at time of Death: 26 years old
Burial Place: Linwood Cemetery Columbus Georgia


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
The 35th Georgia remained behind at Harper's Ferry on Sept. 17th. to guard the captured stores, when A.P. Hill took the rest of his division to Antietam. Official records do not specify who was the commander of the 35th on that day but it was more than likely Lt. Col. Holt. He didn't make Colonel until the following Nov.