US -Holbrook, Frederick - Governor of VT

Frederick Holbrook:
Born: February 15, 1813

East Windsor Connecticut
Father: John Holbrook 1761 – 1838
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont)
Mother: Sarah Knowlton 1767 – 1851
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont)
Wife: Harriet Goodhue 1817 – 1887
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont)
Franklin Fessenden Holbrook 1837 – 1916
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont)
William Cune Holbrook 1842 – 1904
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont)

Political Party: Republican Party


Graduated from Berkshire Gymnasium

Occupation before War:
1831 – 1833: Traveled Abroad in Europe before returning to Vermont.
Farmer and Wrote Articles for Agricultural Journals
Wrote of his travels to the Daniel Webster Farm
Sought ways to improve Farm Machinery.
1848 – 1861: Register of Probate for Marlboro District Vermont
1849 – 1850: Vermont State Senator
Member of Agriculture Committee to urge for Creation of National Agriculture Bureau.

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1863: Governor of Vermont
His administration saw recruitment of 10 infantry regiments, 2 light artillery batteries and 3 sharpshooter companies.
Initiated legislation to repay one – half of the state’s Civil War expenses by direct taxation and other half from state bonds.
Under his administration Vermont became the first state to provide hospitals for its soldiers this would serve as a model for other states.
President Lincoln followed his suggestion to issue a call for volunteers.
1862 – 1863: Developed a deep admiration of President Lincoln.

Occupation after War:
Farmer in Brattleboro Vermont
President of Vermont Savings Bank
President of board of trustees of Vermont Asylum for the insane.

April 28, 1909
Place of Death: Brattleboro Vermont
Age at time of Death: 96 years old
Burial Place: Prospect Hill Cemetery Brattleboro Vermont
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
In his second inaugural address, Holbrook said "It is gratifying to realize that at each and every call of our country, in her hour of peril, thousands of the young men of our State have willingly and eagerly seized arms and have gone or are going forth to battle for the Union."


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Apr 18, 2019
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His pushing for a national agriculture committee made me think of another Vermonter of the time, Justin S. Morrill. Surely they knew each other. Morrill was influential in creating agricultural colleges in the US