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Jan 7, 2019
Greetings all. I found this in a shop and wondered if someone would be willing to let me know something about it from their knowledge and experience. I only had my phone with me so pics aren't great and I didn't take it apart. If the sense from others is that it might be worth purchasing I'll look into it further and maybe get better pics.
  • What can be known from the serial number (14264)? I couldn't get it apart to check the number on the cylinder. Colt's website says it's supposed to have an engraved Navy scene. (Navy is not a typo.)
  • It's badly pitted in some spots, and since there's no visible rust otherwise, I assume it has been cleaned. But is it excessive, i.e. is the value seriously degraded by any cleaning that might have been done?
  • I know it's missing the loading lever screw - or it's broken - I can't tell. Are replacements available?
  • I know it's unfair to ask what it might be worth, but does $1,200 seem high, low, or in the ballpark?
  • Any other thoughts?
Thanks all!
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Jeff in Ohio

Oct 17, 2015
The cylinder serial number is visible; it is on the side of the cylinder following the words "COLTS PATENT No"
That number there is NOT a patent number, but is the serial (or on some Colts, the last part of the serial number).
It looks like "1632_" and so does not match the other serials on the gun.
You can do lots better with $1,200 than this one


Jan 7, 2019
I missed the number on the cylinder but I was suspicious. Thanks for the reply!


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May 7, 2016
With out taking it apart and seeing if all the other serial# are matching (7 places) I would pass as there are many out there in better condition for $1200.
Nov 1, 2018
Seems a bit pricey. When doing a valuation, one must consider the mechanical action. Does it cock and cycle the cylinder crisply? Does the half-cock hold if you try to pull the trigger? Does the cylinder spin freely at half-cock? Does the cylinder index correctly to be in line with the barrel at full-cock, and is the cylinder nice and tight at fullcock or is it wobbly and loose? Sometimes it's only a minor adjustment is needed to fix these problems but not everyone knows how to do that....what would it cost you to fix the problem if you can't?

Aside from matching serial #s, are any of the parts reproduction parts? The parts that are most often replaced are the wedge (which normally has a serial number on the bottom), the mainspring (inside the pistol grips which powers the hammer), the hand, the trigger spring, the hammer screw, the wooden pistol grips.

Is the inside of the barrel (called the bore) destroyed by pitting? Is the rifling still there, and if so, is it pronounced with sharp edges?

Also, does it have military inspection marks, which would indicate that it was acquired for the military (i.e. was not purchased in the civilian market).

Many many things to consider....I haven't even covered them all.

One thing that is nice is that it has a fairly low serial number. It was made in 1861, likely in the latter half of the year.

Without having this in my hands (so I will assume its in very good mechanical condition), and based on a mismatched cylinder and grips that are likely not original or in any case don't appeal to me, I think the absolute most I'd pay for it would be $650-700 USD. However, in all likelihood I wouldn't buy this in reality. Opinions from others would be welcome....I wonder sometimes if my valuations are in line with other peoples.


Jan 7, 2019
Thanks all! I took the first responder's advice, but I must admit I already had my doubts - you all just confirmed them. I appreciate the friendly help here, always!