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So, I was just working in the Resources section where I've added over 130 different books to our collection of Civil War titles....

Many with links to either Savas Beatie or Amazon, and just to be clear, we are affiliate partners with both of those sites, so if you make purchases at either of those sites after clicking our links, you are helping our site.

Book Listings Help Wanted

What I really want to discuss is that number of book in resources: just 130.

I mean, I'm happy with how many I've been able to add, but the number I've entered isn't nearly what I had hoped to add. We had over 3,500 in the bookstore 18 months ago. Admittedly, that was an automated system, not done by hand by people, and it also crashed a lot, and now it's non-functional, so that's why I'm replacing it.

So I'm asking for some help from our members. Would anybody be willing to volunteer to add new books to our resource area? I'm hoping you'd be able to add them in the same, or a similar manner to the way I currently add the books. You'd add them to a SUBMISSION Category, I'd review and make any needed adjustments, and then publish them to the proper categories.

Let me know below if you'd like to help, we can discuss the details.

Keep in mind, I haven't set up a system for this program, it might take a day or two to get started with this if you volunteer.

Book Reviews Wanted!

One of the other things I was doing today was adding some new book reviews in the Resources Area for the books what we do already have on the site. Many are common top 50 of all time Civil War books. Surely many of you have read and have an opinion about these books. Where is your review? No, not a review in the "Review Forum", in the Resources area!

Just select a book you want to review, and then click on the Blue Button at the Top Right that says "Leave a Rating", you can set the number of Stars for your review, and you must leave a few comments in your review, let us know what you thought about the book.

We even have a movie you can review, and I hope we will have more Civil War movies added soon!!

Upping the Ante...

For anyone who volunteers to Create New Book/Movie Listings in Resources, or anyone who becomes one of our Top Book/Movie Reviewers in Resources, what I can do is send you one of the first 10 Shenandoah Arsenal Witness Wood Slimline Pens that I've either already created, or will soon finish creating. I believe I've already finished 8.

These aren't just any old pens either, these are made from Civil War Witness Tree Wood that only I have access to, and each is custom designed just for a project like this!

Why Aren't I Selling Pens or Giving Them to Patrons & Staff Yet....

I have yet to sell, or even give away any pens up until now. I think I have a problem with being a perfectionist, and don't misunderstand, these pens are very good pens I'm giving away for this promotion, they function flawlessly, they look great, I think you'll be proud to own them and use them daily. However, I'm still experimenting, and I'm still learning. I still feel like a student of this craft.

I haven't found "my style" to the point where I'm thrilled and I can say "this is what I wanted in my work". I don't yet think these pens are part of my Signature Series that I want to create. They may be good, maybe even great, but they not the exceptional quality that I know I'm capable of.

I don't want these pens to impress you, I want them to knock your socks off. Maybe you won't be able to tell the difference just by looking, but if I do my job right, each pen should feel like the perfect pen for someone.

I know because I made my perfect pen, but now I want to learn how to make yours!

One of these days I'll do a tour of my shop and show you how I make pens!

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I can think of many movies that could use a good review. I love CW movies. I can also think of a lot of books.

One Book Reviews I'd like to say, we need real book reviews, not endless threads of "Has anyone read this book?" or "I just got this book!" and other stuff that may be book related but ain't a review.

Some posts in the Book Review Forum make me scratch my head...

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