Help Please: Doc Bachelor 60th USCT Final Resting Place - died Christmas Day 1863 in Helena AR


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Nov 27, 2018
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@archieclement made a good point about Batchelor being buried among the confederates. Maple Hill must hold those that were at the Helena battle in June or July, earlier in 1863. The site says Cleburne is buried there along with many other confederates. If so if it was ever a marked grave, the marker would have been removed. I think it was 1890 or thereabouts when a newspaper ran a column for raising funds for the Cleburne Statue.
Another point, though remaining undisclosed in the information @lelliott19 provided is the early absence of Doc Batchelor from slavery along the underground railroad before the census was taken. We don't know.
Third point is the area of Helena was a stop along that very same road to freedom. Whether this was a route he took may not be of any importance, but there was a presence of people willing to help, and there was a contraband camp seen in pictures I find, taken there on a google search. [Because it belongs to a site, I cannot share it alone, but it is in one of the threads I previously shared.]
The area was known for low-lying swampy ground producing illness and death.