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Feb 20, 2005
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I was very happy a couple weeks ago to pick up an M1861 Whitney ( I couldn't afford the Savage). I was looking for an M1861 but one in this condition was not expected. I went a little over my budget but am quite happy.

I really didn't want a Whitney, would have preferred a Muir, Savage or Springfield as those are what I have identified as issued to the 4th MN. Now I only need an original M1841 (either Harpers Ferry Long rang sight or Colt Alteration) and an M1817 percussion conversion and I will have one of every arm issued to the 4th MN.

One of the more interesting things I have discovered was a general dislike for the P53 by these men. They were given the opportunity trade in their M1841's (the arms of the Regt) at Vicksburg and in fact did so with a few for a short while but universally opted to keep their M1841's. Not receiving M1861 series arms until they returned from furlough in 1864 and even then they still held onto some M1841 until the end of the war.
It should be noted I have now held in my grubby little hands a dozen arms with provenance to the 4th MN, 6 were M1841's in .58 and one in .54. 1 is a brass mounted M1855 Rifle (I have a type 1 M1855 RM), another an M1817, a LG&Y Special Model M1861 (I have an Amoskeag) an M1861 by Springfield and another by Muir. The Savage I have seen pics of had a very shaky provenance. The M1864 Springfield I suspect was an after war purchase but who knows.

My intention is to create a photo collection of arms associated with the 4th MN VI. So I need more high quality pics of:
M1816 Percussion Conversion, M1816 Remington Maynard Percussion Conversion, M1817 Percussion Conversion, "Bright Belgian", M1841 in both .54 & .58 (Colt & Harpers Ferry conversions) M1855 Rifle, M1861 series arms (M1861, M1863, M1864 as well as the Special Model) and possibly a Spencer Rifle as at least one unnamed 4th MN soldier mustered out with a "Spencer Rifle he had purchased in Washington City."

So... in short... too late, I know. I am looking to compile good pics of any and all of the above mentioned arms of the 4th MN. Proper credit for any pictures will be given or anonymity upon request. I intend to put together and publish a small pamphlet on the arms of the 4th MN VI.

Below are my (and borrowable Remington Maynard Conversion) current collection on the 4th MN VI. Yes I know the M1841 Colt Alteration is a repro...
My1841 & bayonet.JPG
M1855 & M1864.JPG
2019 Eagan Heritage show.jpg

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Mar 13, 2017
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Lodgewood has a M1816/m55 Remington Maynard conversion for sale, maybe if you know those guys they'd let you use the pictures Funny I'd never seen one of these before and someone brought one out to the reenactment I was at just last weekend asking around what he had. Had it in my hands, it was an interesting piece.

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