Hello, everyone!

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May 20, 2018
Silver run Md carroll county
Long-time history buff but relatively new to the Civil War. Even though my dad was a Civil War enthusiast, I spent most of my childhood and early 20s more interested in WW1/WW2/Russian Revolution.

I took a Civil War class as a history major that I really enjoyed, but it was only after I graduated that I started delving into this time period on my own, partially due to genealogy and partially for a project at work. I was supposed to research some stuff about the Civil War to present to kids, but I got obsessed and spent way more time than I was allotted researching what interested me instead. :wink: That was a couple of years ago. I actually discovered this forum then and really enjoyed it and have lurked periodically ever since, but I didn't get around to signing up until now.

I've lived most of my life in the Arkansas Ozarks, not too far from Pea Ridge, but my dad's family are all originally from Western North Carolina. I gave up counting all the relatives on that side who served in the Civil War, mostly in NC Confederate units but a couple also served in a local Union regiment. I was always told my mom's family hadn't emigrated from Germany by that time, but I've since discovered that's not true and have at least 1 ancestor on that side who served in a Union Missouri cavalry unit.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning more!
welcome from silver run maryland i have family from western north carolina as well the people here are very friendly and helpful

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
East Texas
Welcome to the forums from the host of the Stonewall Jackson Forum and a former resident of and frequent visitor to The Natural State!


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