Hello all

Mar 12, 2019
Greetings from Lake County, IL (NE corner of the state). I've been active in NMLRA since the late seventies when I started building flintlocks & percussion guns and the histories connected to these weapons are an endless source fascination.

My great-grandfather, Jesse Bowen from Maxwell, IA, was in the 3rd Iowa regiment. My brother, Roger Bowen, graduated from Upper Iowa University in the fifties and returned to become the registrar in the sixties when I attended UIU. He and Dr. Charles Clark wrote the book "University Recruits, Company C, 12th Iowa Infantry Regiment U.S.A., 1861-1866" after finding a field desk filled with papers in the attic of the old library building. You may be familiar with it.

We are hoping that this forum can help us solve a mystery about Company C. Rog is 90 years old now and it would be great to complete boy's story.

Thanks in advance, Fred Bowen

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