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Sep 4, 2017
Anne, hello and welcome from Appomattox, Va. So sorry for your loss. Glad to have you back with us.


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Aug 16, 2015
Welcome, Anne! Sorry for your loss. Please make some time to join in our discussions! From your introduction, it is clear that there is much you can contribute! Enjoy!
Jul 12, 2014
Gettysburg, PA
Awww, guys--thank you so much for the warm welcome! I've had a rough past few days--my work schedule was horrendous! I finished a shift in Waynesboro at 9pm and then had to be in Johnstown (a ~2hr 25min drive from my house) at 8am the next morning for a 13 hour shift!!!! They don't give you any breaks in the medical field! : ) Thankfully I have today and tomorrow off so I wanted to send a quick note this way. My plants never give me a break however and they've been demanding that I transplant them (into pots from their pellets) for oh, about the last couple weeks or so...

lelliott, lubliner and luinrina--thank you so much for the encouragement! It is one of my ultimate goals to finish my book on Harvey. I do have a first draft completely finished that includes him as a character. The main characters are: D.H. Hill, F.J. Porter and G.K. Warren (it's kind of a strange story which has a plot that's barely there, but my writing's more character-focused anyway. So you'll be disappointed if you're looking for an engaging plot!). It's rather a short novel, unfortunately (more like a "novella")--but at least it's complete!!!

Oh, and I would definitely love to join the D.H. Hill club! So glad to see there are other fans besides me! I love my little prickly Harvey! (I just love his sense of humor!! I think he was just too far ahead of his time. I remember reading somewhere that other people thought some of his comments were off-putting or something like that , but the stuff I've read from him I'm sitting there laughing at it thinking, what's wrong with these people? He has a great sense of humor!!!) He was also quite sentimental though--you can tell he had such a soft side by reading his letters, so tender and sweet sometimes... Awwww... okay, I'll stop gushing now : ) : )

polloco--Harvey was about average height for that time, reportedly 5'10" but supposedly he had a spinal ailment that often made him not stand to his full height (like kind of stooped or slouched over a bit), so in all likelihood he appeared shorter. He was rather thin, I believe ~145lbs or so if I'm recalling correctly.

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!