Hauntings on battlefields, WITHIN a couple of years of battles

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Feb 5, 2017
I just read an quick bit from a book about hauntings in Arkansas. They claimed that "in a short time" (whatever that means) the Elkhorn Tavern was already proclaimed haunted with "moans, and groans, and noises" coming from it. Yet, Cox, the owner of it lived in well after the war and made it into a sort of museum with artifacts and he didn't seem to say anything about it.

I can't find anything in the first issues of the Confederate Veteran OR anything written by Union Veterans that they complained of haunted battlefields. Certainly some battles were fought on previous battlefields because they would come across skeletons and other things from previous battles. Gettysburg had been a famous Indian battlefield for centuries before. If Diane was still here she could speak to that. In fact, she told me that Gettysburg was destined to become a battlefield for the North and the South preciously because it had always been a battlefield.

So does it take a while for a place to become haunted? Is there a cosmic rule about it do you think?